We’ve Tried More Bras Than We Can Count and Finally Agree This Is Our Favorite One

June 24, 2021 at 07:30PM

As shopping editors, we truly have the best job. We get to test the best of the best and share our results. My fellow shopping editor, Macy, and I have worked together for years. There’s nothing we love more than experimenting and sharing our findings with each other and our readers. One thing we have never really agreed on until now is bras. It’s not just because we have different likes and styles, but mostly because we have different body types: I have a small bust, and she has a large one.

Over the years we found brands that catered to our specific needs, but they were always different. That all just changed though. We recently got a chance to test out bras from CUUP, an Instagrammable brand we couldn’t stop seeing show up in our feeds. The brand’s sleek and minimal aesthetic is for sure one that speaks to us, but the true test was its comfort and versatility.

We found them both to be supportive, comfortable, and nonshockingly chic.

We both tried two bras, the brand’s popular The Balconette ($68) and the The Scoop ($68). To our surprise, we both loved them. We found each one to be supportive, comfortable, and nonshockingly chic.

The best thing about the trail was that we were able to do a virtual fitting via video call, which the brand offers. We know what you’re thinking . . . how can a virtual fitting even work? Luckily, the brand knows their sh*t. Mine was extra helpful, because I learned I was wearing the wrong bra size for years. I had the video chat in a thin bralette and brought a measuring tape and quickly learned my cup size and under-bust measurement were different that I thought.

After getting my new bra in the mail, in a new size, I couldn’t believe it. How had I never worn a bra this comfortable and well-fitting before? If you’re sold on trying one yourself, then now’s the time to shop. Keep reading to see Macy’s and my breakdown on each silhouette that we love.

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