All the Colors of the Ocean Couldn’t Compete With Anya Taylor-Joy’s Ruffled Dior Gown

August 27, 2021 at 09:50PM

Anya Taylor-Joy’s mermaid transformation is complete. Like Ariel swapping her tail for legs in The Little Mermaid, the Queen’s Gambit star embraced her inner sea goddess in her latest cover shoot for Tatler’s October issue. Posing on a terrace overlooking a lush cluster of trees, Anya found herself engulfed in an ombré Christian Dior gown with a collared halter top and an open back.

Like the scales on a mermaid tail, every ruffle reflected a slightly different shade of ocean blue and seafoam green. Pooling around her feet in bunches of aqua and azure tulle, the dress was extravagant and breezy in a way that’s definitely reminiscent of a Disney princess. Of course, Anya didn’t stop at just one mesmerizing look. See her enchanting Michael Kors outfits ahead, and pick up your own copy of Tatler’s October 2021 issue beginning Sept. 2.

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