This “Old” Trend Is Suddenly So Popular Again

September 08, 2021 at 06:09AM

Social media has changed the rapidity of trends. Traditionally, new trends would start and end with each passing season. Now, however, with the world at our fingertips, trends can be borne quite literally overnight. All it takes is for a celebrity to upload a snap of their latest outfit or an influencer their new purchase, and you’ve got the fashion equivalent of a domino effect. As such, it takes something pretty special to withstand the turnover, which makes what we’re going to discuss today all the more impressive indeed.

Bouclé is a trend that’s lasted not just a year, not just a decade, but over sixty years. The fabrication, woven from a specific type of looped wool yarn and derived from the French term for “ringed” or “curled”, has become synonymous with high-end style. And though it has been used to create clothes and furniture for centuries, it was arguably Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel who put it on the sartorial map.

Eni wears a jacket and mini skirt in matching monochrome bouclé. 

Inspired by menswear tailoring, Chanel created the first iteration of her iconic bouclé jacket and skirt set back in the 1950s, and it has been considered one of the chicest things you can wear ever since. There might be a certain wealthy French woman air about bouclé, but, through the years, fashion types have found fresh new ways of integrating bouclé into their wardrobes, wearing it in jacket form with their jeans, or by way of a skirt offset with a silky camisole. Thus, cementing its status as a classic fashion investment.

While it is never too far from the style epicentre, we couldn’t help but notice just how many people have been wearing bouclé over the past couple of weeks, and we don’t think it’s a coincidence. In fact, upon further inspection, we realised the new-in sections of our favourite websites are flooded with bouclé textures, meaning it is already shaping up to be one of the biggest trends of autumn/winter 2021.

If you’re looking for a new way to style your existing bouclé wares, or fancy getting in on the action, scroll on to see how those in the know are wearing the iconic fabric, then shop the best pieces to buy now. 

Style Notes: While monochromatic bouclé will always be timeless, you can (and should!) have fun with more colourful iterations. With a chain necklace, Jen’s bouclé jacket feels so modern. 

Style Notes: While those on the Upper East Side might wear their bouclé with pearl earrings and leather court shoes, French fashion types like Camille give it a cool spin with knee boots and sequins. 

Style Notes: A good outfit is all about creating balance, and Lauren-Nicole demonstrates this notion perfectly by wearing her prim bouclé jacket with sexy leather boots and a mini skirt. 

Style Notes: Bouclé doesn’t necessarily have to come in jacket form. Look out for more unconventional pieces for an unexpected take on the trend, like Bettina’s bra top and mini skirt combo. 

Style Notes: We didn’t know we needed a bouclé bucket hat until this precise moment. Seriously, could Rachael’s double-bouclé outfit be any cooler? 

Style Notes: Classy and elegant, it’s little wonder that Eni continuously gravitates towards bouclé textures. We love how she’s layered her tweedy playsuit over an on-trend puff-sleeve blouse. 


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