15 Old Navy Lounge Pants That Are So Cute, You Can Just Swap Slippers For Sneakers and Head Out

September 15, 2021 at 04:35PM

If you had to name the most comfortable bottom, no matter how soft your jeans are, or cozy the leggings, it’s hard to beat roomy lounge pants. Whether you prefer a jogger-style cut or something wider, they’re our top pick for clothes we can wear all day long … and maybe even all night, too.

If you’re already nodding your head in agreement, Old Navy has a bunch that not only tempted us with their colors and patterns but also with the knowledge that grabbing another one means we can extend laundry day even further. Ahead, check out our fall faves perfect for long walks to the store … or the fridge.

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Author Morgan Ashley Parker | citywomen.co
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