Without a Doubt, These 13 Autumn Nail Colours Always Look Classy

October 09, 2021 at 08:00AM

It’s safe to say that this year, we’ve fallen back in love with getting our nails done. Having been denied the salon experience for so long, I—and, judging by the difficulty I had getting an appointment with my manicurist, so many of you—have been working hard to make up for lost time. When I did finally get my turn in the salon chair last week, I was curious to find out which colours were proving popular right now, to which my manicurist responded, “Everything autumnal—in here, summer’s over.”

That’s right—while our wardrobes may still be clinging to the last few weeks of warm(ish) weather, as far as our nails go, our approach and preferences are absolutely geared towards autumn. I’m no exception, either, for the colour I chose was a rich, deep shade of burgundy, which I thought would help bridge the gap between getting the final few wears out of my breezy linen dresses and reintegrating knitwear into my outfits.

Nail colours are less of a commitment than a new piece of clothing, shoes or a bag but have the same ability to give your look a new-season refresh. So I’ve charted the autumn ones that prove insanely popular season after season. And for good trend-led measure, I’ve thrown in a couple of of-the-moment shades that’ll give your autumn style a swift 2021 update. Scroll on to see all 13 of them.

Vampy, not gothic, black nails have become chicer and chicer with each passing season. 

Although typically popular in summer, white nails are fast becoming a year-round manicure must. 

Pink always looks pretty come spring, but for autumn, it’s all about those clean, almost translucent shades. 

The breakout colour trend of 2021, this shade of green is sticking around in a big way for autumn, too. 

Not quite as glamorous as pillar-box red but more fanciful than standard beige, this is the autumn nail colour minimalists will zero in on. 

The colour I chose for my own nails, burgundy is timeless and will go with any and every outfit. 


Yellow for autumn? It might sound unexpected, but deeper, mustard tones will act as the perfect lift to more tonal clothing. 

Not as drastic-looking as black, grey provides the ideal alternative to those who want a softer monochromatic nail look. 

Rich and delicious, chocolate-brown tones are trending in a big way this autumn, even more so than usual. 

If the more vivid shades of green don’t do it for you, rest assured dark, forest green is still on our nail colour radar. 

A perennial nail colour, red is always a good idea if you’re unsure which shade to opt for. Although statement, it’s so classic it’ll work seamlessly with every outfit you wear while it’s painted on your nails. 

As we hurtle towards party season, metallic nails always start to make a comeback. For autumn, try a shade of solid gold. 

Elegant and striking, navy nails never fail to make an impact. I’m particularly taken with this French-tip situation. 

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Author Maxine Eggenberger | Whowhatwear
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