I’ve Tried Every Virtually Candle Out There and These 9 Are Amazing

November 06, 2021 at 06:30AM

Nothing gets me excited for winter quite like a really great candle. Whether I’m throwing open the curtains first thing or snuggling down on a cold, dark evening, you better believe I’ve got a candle burning. The thing I love the most about candles is, unlike perfumes, you can chop and change them depending on your mood. While I might like to burn a fresh, up-and-at-em sort of candle to get me ready for the day, come evening I want to be enveloped by warm, cosy scents.

It is because I use candles in such a way that I am always on the hunt for the best ones around and burn through them at an alarming rate. Rather embarrassingly, I have been known to get through more than more than five candles in one month. As a result, you’d be hard-pressed to find a candle I haven’t tried.

And as we gear up for the festive season ahead and start racking our brains for gift ideas, I thought now would be the best time to put my candle wisdom to some good use. Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect gift or simply want to get more out of your candle budget, keep scrolling for the best candle gift sets available right now.

No one does festive candles better than Diptyque, and that’s fact. The brand’s offering is so good, in fact, that I keep a stash to burn well into the new year. This season’s offering is quite possibly the best they have ever done. Sapin smells like fresh pine trees and cracking fire, Flocon is a fresh but musky winter floral and the main event is Biscuit: a warm, spicy scent that smells like cookies baking in the oven.

Whether you’re into luxurious self-care or are buying for someone whose candle tastes aren’t clear-cut, this trio is perfect. There is nothing polarising about these scents. Rose is the perfect one to burn on bright winter’s days, De-Stress is the ultimate way to wind down at the end of a busy day thanks to soothing camomile, and Deep Relax blends vetiver and sandalwood for a blissful slumber. There really is something for every mood.

Another great Christmas gift option, this trio comprises of two festive scents and one all-rounder. Christmas Wish is a spicier candle, smelling of mandarin and cinnamon, while Perfect Peace is fresher with pine and lime peel. The true gem, however, is Real Luxury. I have it burning in my bedroom all year round thanks to the mind-soothing blend of lavender, rosewood and jasmine. Plus, they look irresistibly good on the side.

While the brand has been making mouth-wateringly good perfumes for well over a century, Penhaligon’s is the new kid on the candle scene. Launched only a couple of months ago, these new candles are just as good as you’d expect. Maduro Leaf is a smoky delight that is reminiscent of soft leather and cigars, Comoros Pearl is a warm floral scent that oozes luxury, and Roanoke Ivy is soft but earthy and woody all at once. If you’re into luxury scents, don’t scroll past this one.

I tried Evermore candles for the first time this year and they are quickly climbing to the top of my must-have list. This particular set contains all three of my favourites. From the rosy delights of Moon to the peppery smokiness of North and the earthy freshness of Grove, each candle is totally exquisite (and impossibly chic).

This is by far the best all-rounder set out there. Whereas most candle gift sets cater towards one particular family of fragrance, this trio is wonderfully diverse. Lazy Sunday Morning smells like a freshly-pressed cotton shirt, By The Fireplace smells like a burning log fire and Bubble Bath is a clean, cosy scent made for bath-side lighting. If I received this as a gift, I would very much be over the moon.

Created by Jo Malone CBE, Jo Loves candles are amongst my favourites ever, and the Christmas scents sit comfortable within my top five. Jo By Jo Loves (which is also one of my favourite perfumes) is a citrusy grapefruit scent ideal for cold afternoons, while Christmas Trees is a piney delight and Mulled Wine possesses dizzying spice. When I have any of these three candles burning, it’s tough to entice me out of the house.

If you consider yourself a candle connoisseur and you’re yet to try Boy Smells candles, take this to be a nudge. The colourful metallic jars should be enough to sell you, but if not, the delicious scents should. Neopêche is a little bit spicy and a little bit fruity, Rhubarb Smoke is a warm fruity scent enveloped by fresh greens while Agua de Jardin is exotic and earthy in the most delectable way.

Totally luxurious, this set from Le Labo is a feat, containing some of the best candles in existence. Calone 17 is a fresh, sea-like scent that makes for the perfect morning burn, Laurier 62 is herby and head-clearing, and Verveine 32 is a lime-based floral scent that freshens up the room in an instant.

Next up, these French candles can always be found in the most stylish homes.

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