These 11 Elite Winter Outfit Ideas Simply Can’t Be Beaten

November 14, 2021 at 06:06AM

To create cute winter outfits; that’s the goal, isn’t it? We all want to navigate the season stylishly, but we think we’re also in agreement when we say that we don’t want to risk getting a cold in the process. So, chic and cosy outfits are what we’re collectively striving to acheive. The thing is, assembling them isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve already got a winter outfit formula you rely on.

However, if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to get you started, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve assembled a wide array of looks that tick the cute winter outfit box. Courtesy of a handful of our favourite influencers, these outfits not only come with the fashionable seal of approval, but those on our team who always feel the chill have deemed them appropriate for the colder weather, too. 

Included in the curation is everything from a simple look made up of elevated basics to stand-out ensembles that tick off 2021’s most noteworthy trends as they go. Of course, jeans feature heavily, but so do a few unexpected items (including your favourite summer dress). So, without further ado, keep scrolling to see the cute winter outfits we’re keen to re-create as soon as possible. Naturally, you’re invited to join us.

Style Notes: A trick that’ll make your outfit look cuter and keep you cosier in the process, adding a belt to jackets and coats that don’t already have one (or swapping out any that come with a matching one) is something many fashion people do each winter. And, as you can see, it totally pays off in the style stakes. 

Style Notes: Who doesn’t want to dress like a teddy bear once the temperatures drop? You can thank Monikh Dale for finding a sleek way to do so by re-creating her get-up of a woollen jacket, knitted trousers, and shearling sliders. 

Style Notes: We always talk about the importance of assembling a strong edit of basics. Now, Chrissy Rutherford demonstrates the sort of cute winter outfit you can whip up should you have such an edit in place. A Breton stripe knit with blue jeans? Simple, but boy does it work hard. 

Style Notes: We love coats but, this season, we’re quite taken with gilets. Although divisive, this outerwear look is gaining solid momentum, which is partly fuelled by this strong look from Claire Most. Complete with a borg bucket hat? We don’t know if we’ve ever seen a cuter winter outfit. 

Style Notes: Hair accessories mightn’t be quite as popular as they were a few seasons ago when demand for them was at its peak, but that doesn’t mean they’re passé. Far from it! Make like Megan Vega and match your clips to the hue of your knit for an easy but effective way of accessorising in winter. 


Style Notes: It’s all too easy to fall into a rut of wearing a darker colour palette, especially when it’s dark outside. However, as Marilyn proves, one bold buy is all you need to pep up darker ensembles. The clash between her bright tangerine coat and her black staples is directional dressing at its finest. 

Style Notes: We all know that summer dresses are cute, but, come winter, we’re quick to overlook them in favour of more weighty frock options. But not Sara Waiste, who makes a point of carrying her floaty dresses into the cooler months by layering them with a knitted vest. And you know what? We think we’ll join her. 

Style Notes: Similar to Marilyn’s outfit above, we adore how Sasha Mei has managed to breathe new life into her monochromatic separates with the addition of a pea-green coat. Proof that minimalists really can embrace colour in winter—just keep your silhouettes fuss-free to adhere to your pared-back aesthetic. 

Style Notes: Fun knitwear is high on the style agenda this winter as we continue to look for more joyful ways to get dressed. Take your cues from Fia Hamelijnck, who has paired her multicolour cardigan with a co-ordinated roll-neck and ripped jeans to create a cute winter outfit. 

Style Notes: Mini skirts and dresses are often considered summer staples, but they can work just as well in the winter months, too, as long as you have your styling down. Noelle Venegas makes it look easy with her checked minidress and over-the-knee boot combination, creating a perfectly balanced outfit with just two pieces. Bravo. 

Style Notes: One of the best things about winter is being able to play with different textures to create an outfit that’s cosy and cool. Of course, leather makes for the ideal inclusion in any winter ensemble as it’s warm, as well as sleek-looking. Channel your inner Lucy Williams and wear a pair of leather trousers with a statement knit and equally eye-catching boots. 

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