My Mum Is 46 Years Older Than I Am, But We Both Use These 8 Skincare Products

January 08, 2022 at 08:00AM

My mum is no stranger to the Who What Wear scene. Of course, she’s a member of my family, so it’s a given that she has to put up with me talking about and testing beauty products 24/7, but since she has her own background and experience in beauty, trading secrets, application tips, and fave products with her is all the more fun. As I am a beauty editor, you’d think I’d be the one teaching her all of the things, but in reality, she’s taught me some of my most treasured beauty secrets and has turned me on to some of my most beloved products. (Plop her in a drugstore aisle, and she’ll pull together an all-star ensemble of cheap makeup picks that will look so expensive on your face.)

As someone who had years of experience in front of the camera while working at a television station before transitioning to the makeup scene by working as an artist for a major cosmetic line and beginning her own YouTube channel for women over 40, she’s a font of amazing information and beauty intel (no matter what age bracket you’re in). So I frequently turn to her to lend a more age-inclusive angle to my stories. It’s one thing for a product to be great on my 27-year-old complexion, but I hold all brands accountable for creating options that look amazing on all ages of skin. 

So that’s kind of what inspired this piece. Over the holidays, I spent about three full months in Arizona, where my parents retired, and in that course of time, I recommended tons of different products to my mum. I’m consistently gifted with more products than I can humanly try as part of my job, so to get a second opinion on new launches or just whenever my mum was in need of something new or extra special, I’d set a few things on her vanity for her to test-drive—some she loved and some she, well, didn’t. Here, we’re celebrating eight skincare products that are so effective and fabulous that we both love, use, and recommend them despite the 46-year age difference in our skin. Below, I asked my mum to share some insight into why she loves each of the all-star formulas, and to round it all out, she’s sharing a few makeup products she’s fallen in love with since I turned her on to them as well. Keep scrolling! Eight skincare products that we love for all ages are just ahead.

Okay, I know this is going to sound a bit corny, but after applying this face cream, the only word that came to mind was “velvet.” My skin had never felt softer. Since I live in a dry climate, the next product on my wish list is the Anti-Aging Body Cream (£195). I feel like I need these results everywhere, not just my face! I honestly look forward to applying it. As an added bonus, this is one face cream that absorbs into the skin almost instantly.

I always approach new skincare products with a bit of scepticism. I think we’ve all had experiences where we’ve had high expectations for a product after reading the claims but then were disappointed. My first experience with this product was at night. When I looked in the mirror the next morning, I almost did a double take. Not only did my skin look brighter, but this product also reduced redness and seemed to even out my skin tone. It’s an absolute winner.

One pump of this hydrating cream and your skin feels like it’s being treated to a whole lot of special pampering. I love to use it as an all-over hydrating treatment but also as a pick-me-up throughout the day—almost like a spot treatment wherever I need a little extra dose of hydration. Keeping my skin perpetually dewy and moisturised in the desert is tricky, but this is one of the few products that really keep hydration locked in. 

I just finished my first bottle of this stuff, and let me tell you I used every last drop! I definitely saw a decrease in fine lines after using this product, but I was puzzled as to why it was working. Usually, if I even just see the word retinol, my skin starts to turn red and flake. But there was no redness or irritation! There was no flaking! Yet I was seeing a decrease in fine lines. This formula is effective yet gentle. To me, it’s pure magic, and the hype and buzz are 110% warranted. There are no two ways about it—I love this product.

As a fan of the iconic Charlotte’s Magic Cream (£75), I knew this serum had a lot to live up to. However, I’ve been hooked ever since trying this seriously glow-inducing antidote. It feels really soothing and fantastic on the skin and provides both hydration and a lovely soft glow. It’s great under makeup, too!

Finding an eye cream that’s reasonably priced is hard enough. But finding one that delivers noticeable results and is reasonably priced feels akin to ending up with a winning lottery ticket. This cream feels rich without being too heavy, and it glides beautifully onto that delicate under-eye area. It definitely helps brighten and tighten everything up a bit, too!

When I first unscrewed the cap on this product, I was a bit hesitant to use it since it looked like it was a bit dense, and I didn’t think it would apply all that easily to the delicate area under my eyes. Well, I should have known better considering it’s from ultra-luxe clean-beauty brand Kjaer Weis! The minute I touched this product, it literally melted onto my finger, so I could easily apply it to my under-eye area. The product description says it “glides on like silk,” and that’s a perfect description. It’s an ideal base for concealer and does lend noticeable brightening perks as well! I know this is spendy for an eye product, but I think it’s well worth the investment if you have the budget bandwidth!

I love everything I’ve ever tried from Shani’s line (Erin is devoted and always brings her favourites when she comes to visit), so I expected no less than a super-special eye cream from Shani Darden. This is her newest product, and she 1000% delivered. It feels like heaven on the skin! I’m all in for any under-eye product that both brightens and firms, and this does both—noticeably. Up next, hair experts reveal the styles that women over 50 love.

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