Telfar’s Clutch Sold Out, Even Though Some Shoppers Aren’t Happy About the Price

February 18, 2022 at 05:30PM

Telfar’s brand-new bag officially made its debut, just a few weeks after stylist Amanda Murray teased the round purse on her Instagram. After revealing two full collections and two episodes of its reality TV experience, Telfar TV, the designer closed out New York Fashion Week with a bang, introducing his newest handbag style since the debut of the cult-favorite “Bushwick Birkin.” At the end of the show, a figure in a black bodysuit appeared wearing the new circle bag and waving around a QR code that would lead to the item’s page on the Telfar website.


The new purse design features an enlarged Telfar logo with the space between the T and C cut out to be used as handles. It can be worn as a clutch or as a crossbody bag with an attached strap. Though shoppers were excited for the release, many on Twitter were surprised at the $567 price tag. (Shopping bags are currently priced at $150, $202, and $257, depending on their size.)

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“A $567 faux leather bag is not accessibility. lol like the bags are beautiful i own telfar bags, but we don’t have to do this,” one Twitter user wrote. Another viral tweet read, “the whole point was to NOT do that,” in a reference to Telfar’s brand ethos of accessible luxury. However, others have argued that the price increase is justified, as the bag has “a more intricate design” than the cult-favorite shopping bags, and that like other luxury designers, Telfar is entitled to raise its prices as it wishes. “Chanel raises their prices and y’all flock to the store. Telfar gives you a higher quality bag with a more intricate design and you b*tches complain. It’s a fashion house,” a popular tweet read.

Despite the uproar, the round circle immediately sold out after its release Wednesday evening. Fortunately, there’s a chance the design will be available to purchase again through Telfar’s popular bag security program.

After collaborating with brands like UGG, Moose Knuckles, and Converse, and being favored by celebrities like Beyoncé, Zoë Kravitz, and Rihanna, there is no question that refreshing our browser to secure the Telfar bag has become somewhat of an Olympic sport. Check out photos of the newest design ahead.

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