8 Stylish Shoes French Women Deem Essential for Spring

March 17, 2022 at 06:39AM

While French women aren’t afraid to try new trends or challenge the clichés that are often attached to the French aesthetic, there’s no denying that they wear trend-proof pieces particularly well. Classic items that don’t date year-on-year and that come in handy when styling the more statement clothes in their wardrobe. French women have helped me better understand the need for solid basics, pieces that work hard and can be worn with a multitude of outfits. And this is undoubtedly the case when it comes to their footwear selection.

Ever wondered which shoe styles French women wear during springtime? Let’s find out. 

As a confessed Francophile, I’m always looking for new ways to bestow my own looks with some Gallic charm. On the cusp of spring, I was particularly interested in finding out which spring shoes French girls are most likely to wear. It’s a tricky time to make footwear decisions—one minute it’s raining, the next it’s glorious blue skies, so I’m always looking for inspiration and guidance when selecting shoes between seasons.

In the name of research, I scrolled through dozens of profiles belonging to fashionable French influencers and, after looking at the imagery I amassed during this deep dive, I realised that eight specific shoe styles kept cropping up, some of which I expected, but others? Total curveballs.
With everything from classic flats to their go-to detailing, keep scrolling to see the French-girl spring shoes influencers love to wear.

Style Notes: They might be trending for 2022, but French women have along been fans of Mary Jane shoes—particularly flat styles in dedication fabrications such as velvet and satin. 

These come in so many chic colours. 

A fancy flat to wear with wedding guest outfits. 

Style Notes: No one appreciated woven leather detailing quite like French women, who gravitate towards shoes featuring intricate finish as soon as temperatures begin to rise. 

Slingbacks are very on trend this year. 

Stick to classic colours for maximum wearability. 

Style Notes: No shoe style has been quite so prevalent over the past few years as the chunky-strap flat sandal. It’s easy to assume French women would have swerved this trend, as stereotypes dictate they typically prefer their sandals to be more delicate, but I saw so many pairs—especially those with thick velcro straps—whilst doing my research. 

These look just like Marissa Cox’s sandals above. 

Not a fan of ankle-straps? A pair of chunky sliders will do the trick. 

Style Notes: Clogs typically make a small comeback each spring. Although many of us find them to be divisive, French women, generally speaking, have a sweet spot for them. 

Stick to neutral or “classic” colour-ways if you’re worried about the longevity of your clogs. 

The covered studs make for a very chic update.  

Style Notes: If you thought French women didn’t wear trainers, think again! Aside from chunky New Balance trainers, the kicks French women are most likely to wear in spring are Converse high-tops. I put this down to their chic, often monochromatic colour palette and having the ideal dose of nostalgia. 

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a black pair. 

However, in an bid to give your outfits a lighter feel, I recommend this beige pair. 

Style Notes: Okay, so I know espadrilles may seem a French fashion cliché but they are literally on the feet of all French women come spring. Despite hailing from Spain, French women has adopted this shoe as their own, wearing them with everything from floaty dresses and skirts to vintage denim. 


A navy pair will feel fresher than black come summer. 

The tie-up straps can sometimes be distracting—opt for beige iterations to stop them from pulling focus from the rest of your outfit. 

Style Notes: Although French women do wear high heels, I’m finding that more and more of the influencers I follow are opting for kitten heels to give their looks polish—specifically kitten heel mules. 

I’ve had these Manolo Blahnik shoes on my wish list for the longest time. 

You don’t need to opt for black—why not try this on-trend orange option? 

Style Notes: Perhaps the biggest French style cliché of them all (aside from berets and Breton stripes that is), I was surprised to learn just how many French women wear ballet flats. One of the first things they reach for once boot-season is over, stick to traditional colours for a grown-up take. 

Toe cap details are still a hit amongst French influencers. 

The square-toe on this pair give them a modern twist. 

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