I Tried on Every Pair of Split-Front Leggings I Could Find—From The Row to H&M

March 22, 2022 at 06:40AM

Trends come and go— at least, most of them do. If they’re good enough, though, some will be around for many seasons and then eventually become wardrobe staples. Which is exactly what’s happened with split-hem trousers. They were first championed by Victoria Beckham in her S/S 2020 runway show and picked up almost immediately by the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and street style royalty Camille Charrière. Fast forward to 2022 and we’re still just as into the flattering trouser trend. 


It may or may not be because we’ve learnt to truly appreciate a great leggings outfit over the past couple of years, but it also might have something to do with the fact that they’re surprisingly versatile. A split-hem legging or stretchy trouser elevates an outfit while still being just as comfy to wear as your standard yoga pants. They work well with trainers (if you’re tall enough or find a great cropped pair) and your highest heels on a night out, and they’re the perfect pairing for our trusty blazers, especially in spring. 

Put it this way— if you’re looking for a perfect ‘popping to the pub’ or ‘heading for dinner with the girls’ outfit now that we’re all socialising again— this is your warning not to overlook split-hem leggings. 

It’s unsurprising, then, that by now every brand from The Row to H&M offers a version of split-hem trousers. And because they can all look quite similar on paper, I thought it was worth trying on and really putting to the test some of the most popular pairs, to figure out which ones are actually worth adding to your arsenal. 

After trying A LOT of them, keep scrolling to see the pairs I loved the most, from denim to legging styles…


The Row’s slim, cropped style is certainly an investment, but you could instantly feel the difference in quality, fit and finish (as you’d hope). They were first released in 2019 and have become one of the brand’s evergreen styles— and I can see why. They’re flattering, comfortable and basically the perfect pair to dress up or down. 

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Author Emily Dawes | Whowhatwear
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