7 Shoes That Will Go With Every Single Dress You Own

March 27, 2022 at 08:00AM

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Who What Wear readers are obsessed with two things: dresses and shoes. These two subjects always dominate our So Should I Buy This? Facebook group, and now that we find ourselves on the cusp of bare-leg season, they’re proving to be all the more practical.

While we’re quick to cover the latest trends across both wardrobe items, we thought we’d go back to basics and have a look at the shoes we should be wearing with dresses this summer. As such, we can conclude that there are seven key footwear styles that seem to suit dresses more than other shoe types.


Chances are you’ll already own some (if not all) of the shoes on our list, but that’s the beauty of taking a step back from the noise of the trends and, instead, focusing on timeless buys. Keep scrolling to see the shoes to wear with dresses this season and beyond.

Style Notes: Jeanne Damas’s elegant and chic block-heel shoes will bestow any dress with easy French flair. This Gallic girl favours wearing them with tea and wrap dresses. 

Mary Janes are making a comeback.

Got to love anything with that Prada logo. 

The colour du jour. 

Style Notes: You needn’t mimic Lily Allen 100% of the time—trainers and dresses look their coolest when you opt for streamlined silhouettes paired with chunky running shoes. 

Such a cool colour combo.

The chunkier, the better.


A classic. 

Style Notes: While black boots also look excellent with dresses (more on that later), tan boots serve as a welcome change. Their softer hue makes them less harsh when worn with pastel or white dresses.


Platform boots and shoes are everywhere RN.

Add a Western feel to any frock.

Style Notes: The perfect high/low outfit combination, espadrilles will give any and every dress an effortless feel. We particularly like how Marissa wears hers with a slinky slip dress.

So pretty with a matching white midi dress.

Super comfy.

The ankle tie works so well with slip dresses.

Style Notes: When it comes to which shoes to wear with dresses, it’s not all about heels. In fact, fashion insiders insist on wearing their prettiest dresses with simple, flat slip-on sandals. 

Love these. 

These come in so many colours, but we’re big fans of khaki.

Signature Saint Laurent.

Style Notes: Chunky track-sole boots defined our winter wardrobes, but don’t pack them away just yet. With British staycations still high on the agenda, they’re sure to come in handy through the summer months, too. Right now, Instagram’s most stylish dressers are donning them with just about every dress you can think of. 

These have been favourites for a couple of years now.

Well done, Arket.

Such a great go-with-everything pair.

Style Notes: They may have been the shoes a couple of seasons ago, but having taken a back seat last summer, fine-strap sandals are set to make up for lost time this year. As they’re the perfect antidote to statement outfits, it’s little wonder influencers keep wearing them with linen dresses for minimal effect. 

A summer staple.

You’ll find every excuse to wear these.

Add to a cut-out dress.

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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Author Maxine Eggenberger | Whowhatwear
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