This $42 Maxi Dress Will Make You a Proud Outfit Repeater This Summer

April 28, 2022 at 10:20PM


As a bride-to-be, I’ve slowly but surely been adding more white to my wardrobe. But as someone prone to spills and stains, I’ve had to be careful about how much I spend on said silhouettes. I can’t purchase a $200 dress to later destroy it with a glass of wine or waterproof makeup. That said, I’m no stranger to the aisles of brands like Old Navy – and I always make it a mission to find affordable-but-stylish pieces to elevate both my wardrobe – and yours.

My latest and greatest discovery: the Cami Maxi Swing Dress ($42, originally $45, plus 30 percent off with code HURRY), which boasts a flowy A-line shape that looks equal parts effortless yet elegant, making it easy to dress up with heels or down with flats. In pursuit of an engagement shoot dress, I scooped it up in white (or “Calla Lily White”). Instead of going with my usual size “medium,” I opted for small in hopes that it would fit snug at the waist. This was a risk, sure, but I personally prefer a more fitted style as opposed to a loose one.

It arrived on my doorstep looking quite wrinkled (which isn’t a complete surprise given it’s made of 100 percent cotton), so I had to spend a little time ironing it before I could slip it on. After doing so, I adjusted the shoulder straps so that the front and back of the dress landed where I wanted it to and then finally gave the silhouette a good look in the mirror. The verdict: It’s lovely and exactly what I hoped for in terms of how it hugged my body without feeling loose (or tight, for that matter!).

I’m also pleased to share that this dress isn’t see-through – like, at all. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be because in the product description it says it’s fully lined, but you never really know for sure until you try it on. That, teamed with the fact that it has pockets (deep ones!), makes this an extremely solid contender for your summer wardrobe.

As much as I love this dress, I have yet to decide if it’s *the one* for my engagement shoot. But if not, I’m optimistic that it will make several appearances this summer, pending I don’t accidentally destroy it with vino before then. If you’re prone to messy situations, too, a safer bet might be to consider this style in tan or “Classic Camel.” I might get it to have on backup, just in case.

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