How to Dress For Your Next Holiday Party Based on Your Zodiac Sign

November 08, 2022 at 02:00PM

There’s no escaping the universal truth that the holidays are almost always hectic. You’ve likely got an extensive list of loved ones and coworkers to find just-the-right gifts for, trips and visits to plan, and holiday parties to attend or even organize – which can be equal parts exciting and daunting. The last stressor you need to deal with is outfit planning for all those events on your bursting calendar. What might be more helpful than racking your brain for hours on end? Or more practical than staring at your closet hoping for clarity to magically appear? It’s all about the zodiac.


Whether you’re an avid student of the stars or you simply dabble in the occasional horoscope reading, astrology can often show up in our personalities and affect the decisions we make. And, yes, this even includes decisions about what to wear and for what. While there are plenty of fashion trends to experiment with ahead of the holiday party season – from sheer, embellished dresses to power suits – if you’re struggling to put the pieces together, consulting your horoscope may offer the guidance you didn’t know you needed.

To get those wardrobe wheels turning, Lisa Stardust, the resident astrologer on “The Today Show,” digs into the ways in which your horoscope and your outfits can be intertwined. Whether your idea of a holiday party outfit is a casual dress and sneakers or a more attention-grabbing suiting moment, keep reading for style inspiration straight from the stars that looks and feels entirely you.


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