Ovom Care: Revolutionizing Egg Freezing with AI Technology

Embracing AI in Egg Freezing: A Comparative Study of UK Services ๐Ÿฅš๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Ovom Care is a cutting-edge fertility clinic that combines the expertise of world-class fertility specialists with the power of AI and advanced research. Their vision is to revolutionize reproductive care, offering a new way of thinking about managing fertility. They use technology and AI to provide personalized fertility care based on data, not chance.

Services Offered

Ovom Care offers a wide range of services, including fertility assessments, fertility preservation (including egg freezing), fertility treatments (including IVF and ICSI), LGBTQIA+ inclusive family building, and donor services. They also offer a digital Fertility Companion App, designed to provide clarity and transparency throughout your fertility journey.

Egg Freezing

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Ovom Care simplifies the process of egg freezing by providing 24-7 support as you navigate diagnostics, stimulation, and retrieval/freezing all at the touch of a button. The price for this service starts from ยฃ2900.

AI Integration

Ovom Care uses advanced AI-enabled technology to improve success rates by up to 20%. Data-driven personalization of your treatment, the newest technology in the lab, and advanced assessment of egg quality allows them to bring the latest scientific developments directly to the patient.

Success-Based Pricing

Ovom Care operates on a success-based pricing model. This means you only pay when they achieve your goal together: pregnancy. This, combined with modular pricing & flexible payment solutions, enables everyone to build a family.

The Team

The team at Ovom Care includes game changers from patient advocacy, medicine, embryology, research, and technology. They are united by the goal of moving the needle for the patient enabled by their digital-first approach to care.


In conclusion, Ovom Care is a unique service in the UK that combines AI technology with fertility treatments. They offer a range of services, including egg freezing, and their success-based pricing model makes them a competitive option for those considering egg freezing. Their use of AI technology to improve success rates is a significant advancement in the field of reproductive health.

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For more information, visit their website at Ovom Care.