CityWomen Ventures – The Sustainable Sourcing Company @London

CityWomen Ventures – The Sustainable Sourcing Company @London

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The Story

Frederique first came up with the idea of The Sustainable sourcing company when trying to start her own organic and vegan smoothie brand.

Concerned about the bad environmental impact of packaging on our health and our planet and frustrated with the difficulty in finding and sourcing sustainable packaging products for her smoothie brand, she felt there had to be a better and easier way.

United by their wish to improve people’s lives and make the planet a better place, the team set about re-defining the process.

The concept was obvious: Create one platform, bring together all UK and International suppliers and manufacturers of sustainable packaging products and provide high-quality sustainable packaging solutions to all businesses, everywhere, at a fair price.

The Mission

At The Sustainable sourcing company, our mission is to make it easy for small businesses to find and source sustainable packaging products at anytime, anywhere. 

But also empower small businesses around the world with sustainable packaging solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal; in order to improve our lives and make our planet a better place for us and the future generations. Build a sustainable world, powered by plants and plastic free.

We do this by giving our suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find suppliers easily and buy sustainable products quickly and efficiently.

The commitment to you and the planet

    • One-stop sourcing platform bringing you the world biggest choice of sustainable packaging products – With 100 000 more products coming soon.
    • Anytime, Anywhere – At 11pm, or at work. We want to make it easy for you to discover and source sustainable packaging products.
    • Good for you and the planet – All products made with 100% Sustainable Materials, Plant-Based and Plastic Free. Locally sourced as much as possible to empower local businesses and reduce carbon emissions. With one principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
    • High quality products – We want you to have the highest quality packaging for your needs; that’s why we select the best products and suppliers.
    • Best prices and customer services, guaranteed – We work directly with suppliers and manufacturers in order to bring you the best prices and services such 24/7 support, bulk offers, printed boxes and more.

The Green Policy

Sustainably Made: All our products made with 100% Sustainable Materials, Plant-Based and Plastic Free, with a wide range of products made of 100% Recycled and FSC certified paper.

Sustainably Sourced: We source our products from local UK suppliers and manufacturers of eco-friendly packaging as much as possible to support local businesses and reduce carbon emissions. With one principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

We only work with the most responsible UK manufacturers and suppliers of eco-friendly packaging and ensure that their production, supply methods and packaging are 100% sustainable, as well as their commitment to use renewable energy as much as possible. We also visit their site as much as possible and test all products to bring you the highest quality of products and the most responsible suppliers. 

Responsibly Manufactured: All our products are responsibly and ethically manufactured by our suppliers in facilities based in the UK using the latest technology to create sustainable packaging solutions, cut waste and pollution to reduce their carbon emission and their impact on the environment.