I Asked 36 Designers to DM Me Pics of Their WFH Looks, and They Actually Did

April 21, 2020 at 05:00AM

Being cooped up at home can bring up a lot of feelings. Our world is currently in a state of self-isolation and social distancing due to the coronavirus—something we are not typically accustomed to as a culture. While we are all attempting to band together as a society to do our part by staying inside, that doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with alternative ways to connect to one another. And in this new series, we’re connecting via our favourite at-home outfits. Next up: designers. 


It’s now been quite some time since we were first asked to stay indoors. While I don’t think that this is a lifestyle we will ever really get used to (and hopefully we won’t have to), I do think it’s fair to assume that we have all fallen into at least some sort of at-home routine. For some, this might consist of early morning workouts, while others are quite literally waking up 30 seconds before their first Zoom meeting of the day. Whichever category you fall into, there’s no shame, because today, we’re here to talk about sartorial routines over productivity ones, although the designers ahead would probably argue the two are directly related.  That’s right, for the latest installment of this franchise, I reached out to some of my favourite designers to see if they were willing to send me a photo of their working-from-home looks. If you’ve been struggling to wrap your head around what to put on your body that isn’t sweatpants for the fifth day in a row, then please, read on. Previously, I have asked celebrities and my friends to send me photos of their WFH outfits, and today, you’re going to hear from what I can only assume are some of your favourite designers in the industry on what they have been donning while working from home. Without spoiling the scrolling frenzy you’re about to experience, I want to fill you in on some of the designers you’re about to get an exclusive look at including Sarah Staudinger from Staud, Ditte Reffstrup from Ganni, Sandy Liang, just to name a few. So sit back, relax and enjoy the stylish WFH outfit ride you’re about to embark on because I promise you it’s worth scrolling through all 64 slides for.

“One keyword for my home outfits: monochrome. It’s easy yet works every time. I always wear wide pants that are comfortable with an oversized silky blouse or a knit piece. I feel like I am in pyjamas, but I look like I am going on my St.Tropez boat, and that’s the spirit we want.” — Emma Rowen Rose, founder and creative director, Rowen Rose   

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“Lately, my work-from-home outfits have consisted of three things. “1. Being monochromatic: Feels like the easiest way to be cozy and feel put-together. “2. Our new custom-embroidered pet sweatshirts. I haven’t taken it off. So basically I have been wearing lots of ivory. Here, it’s around my waist. “3. Some type of jewellery has made me feel just a little more refined no matter what I’m wearing.” — Sarah Staudinger, co-founder and creative director, Staud

“I am wearing a dress I have had for many years—fished from the back of my closet. I will probably go back to my old ways of wearing white dresses every day once this is over. I’ve already started now. White dresses and cloud socks and vacation hair.” — Aurora James, creative director, Brother Vellies

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“Comfy but always chic. We share our time during confinement between our apartment in Le Marais in Paris and the Coperni Studio within the same area. We try to think and work a lot and use this precious time as an opportunity even if factories are closed for now. We start doing some choreography on TikTok between all the Zoom webinars and conference calls.” — Sébastien Meyer, co-founder and creative director, Coperni and Arnaud Vaillant, co-founder and CEO, Coperni


“I never wear a lot… but I am living in the new collection at the moment. I am very fortunate that my studio is in my home, so I am making lots of new samples and wearing them 24/7 to help decide which ones to release.” — Emma Brewin, founder, Emma Brewin

“I get up and get dressed for myself first and foremost. Wearing something every day that makes me feel creative and inspired is super important. I’ve realised dressing up puts me in a better mood. It’s my version of self-care.” — Ditte Reffstrup, creative director, Ganni

“I’m lucky enough to work outside in my mum’s garden. The WiFi is holding up, and the sun is out, so I’m extremely grateful!! Most days, I wear a vintage shirt—this polka-dot one has a ’70s contrast collar and was a bargain at £3, and I’ve paired it with my Rixo pink check silk Tina skirt. It’s the easiest/lightest skirt to float around the house or garden in. Slightly high-waisted, it’s midi in length (perfect for unwaxed legs!) and has one side slit!” — Henrietta Rix, co-founder, Rixo

“My WFH look is all about layered comfort. I’m wearing the KkCo Pierced Sweatsuit in Wine Spill (a colourway exclusive to LCD) layered over a Marine Serre T-shirt and paired with our Pierced Tie-Dye Socks and the checkered slides that we’ve been working on in collaboration with Volver Workshop.” — Kara Jubin, founder, KcCo

“I had to go back to my apartment and change into this for a bit just to have a break from baggy hoodies and sweaters. It made me excited for summer.” — Sandy Liang, designer, Sandy Liang

“I don’t think too much about clothing in self-isolation, but for some business calls, I am trying to look the way I did in everyday life. Black rolling or a basic T-shirt are perfect choices for me. And of course, a hairstyle is very important to look fresh.” — Lado Bokuchava, creative director, Materiel

“Hiding in my kid’s bathroom to picture a test of this new colour of bodysuit.” — Svitlana Bevza, founder and creative director, Bevza

“This is one of my favourite very old Brock Collection dresses. I wear it when I need to instantly feel good. I have been busier than ever, so throwing my hair up into a French twist and wearing something easy is what’s necessary. That’s my foster dog, Cherry, behind me. Sometimes I work in the living room, but when I need to concentrate I escape to our bedroom.” — Lara Pia Baroncini, creative director, LPA

“A silk blouse and jewellery is my secret weapon during the home office time.” — Joyce Binneboese, co-founder, Wald Berlin. “You feel kind of glamorous because of the elegant silk and the jewellery without losing the comfort. (This works with a pyjama silk top as well by the way.)” — Dana Roski, co-founder, Wald Berlin

“In mind with the ‘reuse, rethink’ mindset, I have been wearing a lot of vintage. Comfort is always key for me should I be working from home or the office. I’m wearing old-season Nanushka leggings and my dad’s vintage CK sweater.” — Sándor Szandra, founder and creative director, Nanushka

“We’ve been working together most days where we take the opportunity to come into the office and throw something cute and comfortable on.” — Sami Lorking-Tanner and Evangeline Titilas, co-founders, With Jéan

“Every other day, I put on eyeliner and mascara, but I always make sure to dress up in clothes that make me feel good. Right now that’s men’s trousers and a tiny tank top.” — Karla Deras Chambers, creative director and designer, The Line by K 

“This off-white velour set is Gil Rodriguez. I got it a few days ago. I love anything cream or off-white. It puts me in a good mood and warms my complexion. Mostly I’ve stayed in pyjamas all day, but every few days, I put myself together, and it really lifts my mood.” — Marcelo Gaia, designer and owner, Mirror Palais

“This T-shirt is a piece from my unreleased capsule collection about Korean grannies. With this lady, my self-isolation is more fun. She is also a great companion for a glass of wine. Colourful pants are incredibly comfortable and cheering me up. What else might you need from a home outfit in April 2020?” — Jenia Kim, founder and creative director, J.Kim

“During this bizzaro spring break, I’ve been trying to just wear things that make me happy and are comfortable, of course. This means a ton of tie-dye, sweatpants and lounge dresses. It’s also been fun to play with unexpected pairings of patterns and colours and also to accessorise more than I normally would.” — Lyndsey Butler, founder, Veda

“I’m living in our robes these days. Lounging while working is something I can get used to. I’m using this quarantine to take the time to make new drawings and rediscover the core of Bernadette.” — Charlotte De Geyter, designer and co-founder, Bernadette

“As I don’t like to stay in pyjamas all day but still want to feel comfortable at home, this is my go-to look: a short, an oversize shirt and my favourite pieces at the moment from my latest collection, my silver necklace and my fun bracelets to brighten my day!” — Leslie Chetrit, founder, Timeless Pearly

“Sweats and pearls are on heavy rotation in quarantine. But I also always add my gma’s vintage Chanel sweater (that I ‘borrowed’) for a few important zoom meetings. Can’t pretend I won’t wear this look again out of the Q.” — Alyssa Wasko, designer and founder, Donni

“Like most people, I’m basically living in sweatpants these days, and these Elder Statesman cashmere pants are essentially the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’ve been throwing a button-down over a ribbed tank so it at least looks like attempted to make an effort for Zoom calls.” — Joshua Shaub, co-founder, Anemone. “I decided to swap out my sweats today and try a couple of linen pieces from our High Summer collection, as it’s getting warmer in L.A. I’m wearing our Box Crop Top and Keaton Pant in ramie linen, which are two of my favourite pieces from the collection and will be available on our site in early May.” — Lauren Arapage, co-founder, Anemone

“I am wearing our Pearls of Wisdom cardigan and Long Story Short ribbed hot shorts finished with two layers of pearl necklaces. This is a super-comfortable outfit but a nice change from hoodies and track pants!” — Maggie Marilyn, designer, Maggie Marilyn

“Everything’s packed away except for the essentials. My Maisie Wilen perforated leggings, Yeezy 350s and this giant vintage Wilson tee made the cut.” — Maisie Schloss, Designer of Maisie Wilen 

“I’ve been quarantined by the beach so my at-home outfits consist of bikinis only. BUT today, I decided to put some pants on. These are unreleased Miaou sweats dropping very soon and the bikini is from Monday Swimwear.” — Alexia Elkaim, creator, Miaou

“I know it doesn’t look like a home outfit, but I have to dress like I’m out in my office for Zoom calls. I always wear head-to-toe black.” — Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, designer, founder and creative director, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

“This vintage dress is so delicate and semi see-through, so it technically only works in indoor, controlled environments. Because it’s see-through, I always have to plan undergarments accordingly, but in the safety of my apartment, it really doesn’t matter! — Susan Alexandra, designer, Susan Alexandra 

“Wearing a silky slip counts as getting dressed, no? Fuzzy slippers are a must.” — Christina Tung, founder, Snvr

“As we all search for comfort in what has become the new norm, I have found myself continuing to reach for what were already my most-loved items. I’ve been living in our London jeans with 100% GOTS organic cotton. They are luxuriously soft—no need for sweats! And I paired them with a soft, lined shirt or cashmere tee. This has all been my go-to.” — Louise Edgley, co-founder, Slvrlake

“I’m always working from home, so I need to make sure I’m cosy but in something that inspires me. I’ve been taking French lessons, cooking and creating content to launch my Triple R closed-loop upcycling initiative for Bagatiba.” — Jessie Andrews, founder, Bagatiba, Basic Swim and Jeu Illimité

“I wear comfortable clothes, and I love to wear a dress as well to feel energetic so it doesn’t get too slumber party in these corona days. As I am alone in the office, I must make my own party.” — Emilie Helmstedt, designer, Helmstedt 

“Watch those claws! I subscribe to the ‘no pants at work’ attitude. At least I’m wearing day clothes.” — Suzzie Chung, co-founder, YanYan. “I put pants on, but they’re shorts with an elastic waistband. Workwear that doubles as loungewear is great.” — Phyllis Chan, co-founder, YanYan

“I’ve found it really important to continue to get dressed every day. I’m dressing comfortably, of course, but still. I could easily stay in a robe or pyjamas, but that just wouldn’t be productive at all. Getting dressed helps me stay (somewhat) sane. My top is Victor Glemaud, raffia mules by Giovanna and pants I made myself.” — Leonora Arslani, founder, Giovanna

“When working from home, I keep my wardrobe easy and comfortable. I stay true to the California-girl vibe that I love by wearing soft textures and my favourite florals. And of course, I’m always in my crystals. I’ve been living in turquoise lately. Known as the master healing stone, its properties have really given me strength in these weeks. My layers connect me to the beauty of Mother Nature every day, which is so powerful in times of isolation.” —Jacquie Aiche, L.A.-based jewellery designer 

“I’m wearing vintage jeans. The shirt is from the brand Le Laboureur from the shop La Blouse de Lyon in Paris. And the shoes are the Nomasei Moonwalk in Nappa gold. I like this outfit because it’s relaxed but chic at the same time, and wearing a thin shirt like this feels like spring is here, so it gives me hope for what is to come.” — Marine Braquet, co-founder, Nomasei. “I am wearing our Nomasei LaNotte sandals, which are currently available for preorder, along with an oversized dress from Mr. Larkin.  I am so comfortable in this outfit. I feel put-together even though I have no place to go.” — Paule Tenaillon, co-founder, Nomasei

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know.  This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S. 

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