I Attempted to Wear 6-Inch Platform Shoes Like Olivia Rodrigo For a Week

June 02, 2022 at 03:00PM

Versace’s Medusa platform shoes first hit the runway during the fall 2021 season, catching the eyes of shoppers everywhere. Soon, they hit the celebrity fashion circuit, notably worn by Ariana Grande and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, who caused a spike in sales, according to the fashion house. While they certainly looked easy to strut in and were a great complement to a minidress, the question remained: were they actually comfortable?

The chunky Mary-Jane pumps, with their signature rounded square toe and crystal-encrusted ankle strap, are built on a 3-inch platform and stacked with a 6.5-inch heel. The design is a clear nod to the ‘70s – and a favorite of creative director Donatella Versace. “Donatella has always loved platforms,” the fashion house tells POPSUGAR over email. “You will almost always see her wearing them.”

Being that I have a track record of either twisting my ankle in high heels or taking them off entirely out of pure frustration, I was hesitant to wear Versace’s viral platforms in public. But I was also intrigued, particularly after admiring how fellow runner, Peloton instructor Olivia Amato pullled them off, alongside celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Olivia Rodrigo, and Addison Rae.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Wasilak

I selected two different pairs: the La Medusa platform mule in fuchsia, adorned with the Italian house’s signature emblem and standing tall on a 5.5-inch stiletto, and the Medusa Biggie leather loafer in kiwi, with the Greca insignia etched onto a 1.5-inch platform that’s affixed to a 3.5-inch heel.

After about 30 seconds of adjusting to a new height, I was able to stride ahead comfortably and confidently.

I tried the pink ones on the night they arrived, and I was delightfully surprised as I walked around the apartment multitasking; they did feel rather sturdy. After planning out my outfits for the week, which I’d wear for a hair appointment, dinner with friends, and on a date, I felt even more secure in my decision to give the shoes a go.

The electric green loafers were the most comfortable to wear since they include a flexible sole. The treaded rubber platform grounded me and kept me upright. While they’re a little heavy to lift with each step, I didn’t mind the workout, and I actually was more conscious of my path.

The stiletto mules, on the other hand, made me feel as if I was walking on stilts. I experienced a brief moment of suspense each time I put them on, but after about 30 seconds of adjusting to a new height, I was able to stride ahead comfortably and confidently.

I definitely got some double-takes at the café and felt taller than usual (I’m 5’1"). “This is just what it feels like to be average height,” I repeated to myself in the mirror before leaving the house. The great thing about the La Medusa is that the supple leather is forgiving around the front of the foot, so my toes weren’t squeezed together tightly and I’m proud to say I suffered exactly zero blisters.

Ahead, see how I styled the shoe for a week, and shop some of my exact pieces.

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