10 Windbreaker Jackets You Can Wear Outside in Any Weather

November 01, 2022 at 05:36PM

While they might not get the same credit or adoration as some of the more traditional jacket designs, we’d argue that few pieces are more versatile and worthy of a permanent spot in your closet than a classic windbreaker jacket. The water-proof style can do it all – provide ample coverage and protection in harsh weather conditions (namely winds), help you carry your life essentials on the go with deep pockets, and also act as the ideal “go anywhere” jacket thanks to its packable and lightweight nature. Even more – what other jacket is sporty and stylish enough to keep you looking (and feeling!) good while you’re moving throughout your day, going from a morning hike to a brunch date, the airport, and beyond?


In short: if your closet is still lacking a good windbreaker jacket, this is your sign to finally invest in one – with the help of our shopping expertise, of course! We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best windbreaker jackets that are available to shop at every price point – regardless of your winter wardrobe budget. From packable windbreaker jackets and hooded styles to water-repellant pieces and lightweight windbreakers galore, there are so many different variations to shop and wear on repeat this season. Whether you’re someone who loves an outdoor workout, live in an especially windy city, or just need something that’s versatile enough to pack away and take on the go, there’s a sporty, weather-proof jacket that’s just right for you – and likely linked out below. Keep reading to shop our favorite windbreaker jackets!


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Author Kyley Warren | citywomen.co
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