Because finding sustainable activewear shouldn’t be harder than your workout—here are 7 places to start

February 21, 2019 at 01:18PM by CWC In a world that’s (happily) gaining more socially responsible clothing brands—from fashion labels to sneaker companies to accessories makers—there are seven activewear lines in particular that are totally changing the game when it comes to sustainable workout clothes. Each has pledged to focus on organic materials, eco-friendly production… Continue Reading →

CityWomenCo> Fashion

5 Eco-Fashion Trends To Watch Out For During NYFW We asked you for your biggest issues with size-inclusive fashion—here are the top 3 You’re not imagining it—so many cool, sustainable fashion lines are coming out of California right now What to wear to watch sports when you’re more team fashion than anything else The best… Continue Reading →

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