These boots were made for walking…like, a lot

February 20, 2019 at 02:05PM by CWC You can find a ton of shoes and sneakers that you can wear all day without getting a number of miscellaneous body aches. For some reason, though, comfortable boots—that aren’t (unintentionally) ugly or orthopedic looking—are harder to come by. Such practical shoe unicorns do exist, however—it just requires,… Continue Reading →

CityWomenCo> Beauty> Makeup

The easy way to tell when you need a makeup remover versus a cleanser February 07, 2019 at 01:15PM by CWC Let me count the ways that people wash their faces: There’s team wash in the morning and team twice a day. There are staunch double cleansers (like myself). And then, there are those who wash their faces… Continue Reading →

CityWomenCo> Fashion

5 Eco-Fashion Trends To Watch Out For During NYFW We asked you for your biggest issues with size-inclusive fashion—here are the top 3 You’re not imagining it—so many cool, sustainable fashion lines are coming out of California right now What to wear to watch sports when you’re more team fashion than anything else The best… Continue Reading →

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