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City Women in Cuba – travel tips for 2020

At Binca: you can use cash GBP, EUR and USD etc (CHF, JPY) for exchanging CUC.

We did emphasise that we want local money Pesos but they ignore the request and gave us CUC (Cuban convertible peso).

Recommand to bring:

  • Some cash as mentioned above, Monzo Card (some challenging bank cards cannot be used such as Transferwise), Debit Card or Credit Card that charges 0.00 for Exchange Conversions. For buisness trip, we work with our partner and recommand them: (go to the website and see more info), it is also a nice alternative to Monzo when you use up the ยฃ200* free cash withdrawal in Cuba.

*in a 30-day window, then thereโ€™s a 3% fee on top of that to cover Monzo’s costs. See more content on our website for Travel with Cards and Avoid Charges.

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops, wedges for ladies as they have limited stores (and options), hats are sold mostly on the street so you would have more options.
  • SIM card that works in Cuba. There are very limited mobile companies out there do well for mobile internet network services. A lot of tourists buy a new SIM there but for internet, you would still need to buy a wifi card even if you have Wifi. The speed isn’t ideal either so the suggestion is do your research online for the trips prior to travelling and backup your photos on a harddrive/ SD card and upload your photos later onto the cloud when you are back to your own country.
  • Hand Sanitizers and packs of tissues. Some places in Cuba (farms and villages) have limited running water. Especially before eating or after using the toliet, you would need Hand Sanitizers and your own tissues for cleaning up. Some public toliet only leave a bucket of water for washing hands but it does not help to clean but increase the chances to pick up more bacteria.

  • Museums opening times etc. A lot of museums (even public services) are closed on Mondays, (some Tuesdays) but open during other week days and weekends. So, without local internet available, plan ahead.
  • Usful apps to download (&load local info ahead!):, Cost Split (App Store only), Tripadvisor,, VPNProxyMaster, Banking app (Monzo)