These camo trail sneakers are all I want to wear from here on out

August 16, 2019 at 09:40AM by CWC

I never thought I’d say this in my entire life, but I’m in love with a pair of trail sneakers. Sure, I know that gorpcore is rising to never-before-seen heights, with Balenciaga sending puffer jackets down the runway, Tevas dominating as the shoe of the summer, and hiking boots morphing into “cute” footwear. It’s strange to me, but alas—that’s how style trends work, I suppose.


Turns out I’ve been subconsciously drinking the juice, because these trail sneakers—the new Hoka x Xterra Torrent ($130)—are never, ever leaving my feet. This makes me raise an eyebrow in utter confusion, because trail sneakers are about the grip and they typically have a stiff construction, but usually it’s function over style.

Not these babies: The Torrent comes in a camouflage print, which is actually quite chic. If you’re not into the classic green with a lime green sole, they also have a grey-hued camo print with a bright red sole. The shape is different than your typical old-school trail shoes: They’re streamlined, and are trail sneakers dressed up like athleisure’s best.

While some may shake their heads at the appeal of camo print, I hear you—but it’s been popping up slyly over the past year or so on activewear and, well, everything. So while my sister asked if I was going hunting, know that the print is stylish and indicative of the actual purpose of the shoe. “The camo ground of the sneaker was inspired by the terrain of our races,” says Chris Manley, head of merchandising for Xterra. “It’s reminiscent of the ruggedness of the land and natural elements.”

So while they’re most definitely useful and great for climbing mountains or hiking trails, these sneakers are perfect for any occasion that involves going somewhere and needing to look cute. Consider me a newfound gorpcore aficionado.

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