Hop to it to meet the spirit animal that will help you, at last, let go of negativity

August 31, 2019 at 11:29PM by CWC

We are coming off a time in August where we really had big opportunities to continue stepping forward with heightened ways of being. Over the last few months we have seen new goals enter in, learned ways about ourselves we wanted to improve, and begun to implement in these changes. August gave us the energies (and the persevering ant medicine) to support us in getting these new ways integrated into our lives.


As we step forward into September, I’m sensing teachings of optimism—and themes of observing negative thinking or pessimistic thoughts. It’s time to really take inventory of areas in your life where you tend to expect the worst, create unnecessary negative storylines, or have reflexive fears.

In taking meditative space to ask yourself those questions, you can see with compassion what fears have been keeping you paralyzed or stuck in the same spot. In what area of your life do you feel you are lacking momentum? With that area, is there false evidence creating that fear that needs transcended?

Rabbit medicine is very powerful in activating great abundance, prosperity, and positive manifestation for our lives. It’s a game-changing time!

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Your September soul assignment is to make absolute certain to do the above process and then call in our spirit animal for this month, the rabbit, to aid you in strengthening your intuition and quickly changing directions as soon as you notice the old storylines enter in—to focus on positive, empowering thoughts instead. Rabbit medicine is very powerful in showing us how we can stop and look before we leap, which will allow us to emit a different vibration or energetic transmission than fear energy, and in doing so, it will activate great abundance, prosperity, and positive manifestation for our lives. It’s a game-changing time!

The other themes for September are being open to solutions easily presenting themselves. The portal open to us this month will bring tons of teachings and problem-solving options—they’ll just be flooding in like crazy! So, if something presents that is not to your liking, or a problem arises, be very open to a myriad of solutions quickly appearing, and trust that it can be that easy to fix. Just go with it.

One unique aspect this month is that you may be witness to other people having an awakening. On top of that, the people you witness in this process may be people who you are surprised to be having this experience. If this happens, the most important thing you can do is hold space for them—let your heart guide you as to what that holding space looks like. Your intuition will guide you in what will be most supportive for them in the awakening process. What you’re shown to do may surprise you, but trust in it.

Overall, September is a time for us to really go much deeper into love! This means loving thoughts, as well as the levels of love we give to ourselves and others. We really need to take an honest look at where we can heal separations, divisions, and conflicts. The element of water entered in during this part of my visioning process for this forecast, so if there is a rift you know should be healed, sit in meditation with a bowl of water and ask universe, source, and Mother Earth to bless this water and to heal the relationship. Keep the water, and sometime over the next day ask it what messages it has for you around this healing. When you feel the blessings have reached the other person or situation and you feel the process is complete and a new, higher-vibrational energy has entered in, you may thank the water and release it to the Earth (as in, going outside and pouring it directly in the ground).

Let’s be deeper with love. Let’s see how we can love more, and in enhanced ways that really serve and are supportive of all that is.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips to teach people how to awaken their power. 

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