This genius convertible tote is basically three bags for the price of one

September 08, 2019 at 12:00AM by CWC

I recently learned that I am a person who is perhaps prone to mistaking “instamacy” for intimacy. The key difference is that one is an instant, intense connection while the other is a connection that continues to develop over time. I’ve done this both in relationship-type situations, as well as with my wardrobe. (That initial rush after purchasing a new item you think will be life-changing is heavy, people.) I bring this up because the love affair I have with the Cuyana Convertible Satchel is definitely the latter. And as a person who has both owned and coveted many handbags in her lifetime, I feel qualified in saying that it is the perfect bag. At $425, it’s not exactly a steal, but believe it when I say that it is basically the only bag you’ll need for anything ever.ย 


It’s the J. Lo of handbagsโ€”a true multi-hyphenate. Going to work? Off to hide the body of your friend’s manipulative ex? This bag has got you covered. It nails the size-to-pockets ratio. You know what I’m talking about. Too few pockets, and there’s not enough space to store your lip butters and CVS receipts, so they end up lining the bottom of your bag like the world’s saddest “what’s inside your bag” segment. Too many pockets, and it’s like looking into Hermione’s bag with the undetectable charm, only without the magical ability to call forth exactly what you’re looking for. This bag serves an ideal number of pockets: enough for me to stay organized (as a person who is prone to losing her keys/wallet/anything of importance this is crucial), without micromanaging where I put my valuables.ย 

It comes in three neutral colors: black, caramel, and stone. It also comes in a 13-inch version and a 15-inch version. AKA your laptop will definitely fit. Also just imagine it as a weekend bag. I mean I schlep my laptop everywhere with me because it feels like I never stop working, so I guess it would still be a work bag. But if you are a person who has work/life boundaries, think of all the fun things you could store in this on the weekend. BBQ-flavored chickpea snacks for the movies. A protein bar to sneakily eat in the cafe you work from instead of spending $16 on a salad. Something non-food related (apparently I am hungry and cannot escape this concept of working all the time).ย 

Here I am raving about the pockets and snack foods, completely forgetting to mention that, as the name suggests, this bag is also convertible. You can adjust the straps so they go from a backpack to a satchel to a top-handle bag. How many occasions does this bag work for? The limit does not exist.

As if that were not enough, you can get it monogrammed with letters, a heart, a star, or a four leaf clover. If you weren’t already sold you should be now. In short, this bag is perfect for so many things. That’s it. That’s the post.

Photo: Cuyana

Cuyana Convertible Satchel, $425

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PS: you need a pair of neon bike shorts in your wardrobe now. And while you’re at it, you probably want to snag an exercise dress as well.ย 

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