15 gifts for every plant lover in your life, from your work wife to your woo-woo BFF

September 09, 2019 at 12:00AM by CWC

We all know someone who’s, like, the ultimate plant lady. Her home features gorgeous greenery in every room. Her desk at work has the cutest mini succulent next to her monitor. When other people whip out their phones showing people pictures of their kids or cats, she shares shots of the magical greenhouse she visited upstate filled with exotic snake plants and fiddle-leaf figs.


Hunting for the perfect gift for a bonafide plant lady can be tricky. The last thing she needs is more flora or fauna. Fortunately, there’s still tons of botanical-themed presents beyond the obvious potted succulent from Whole Foods. Rounded up here are 15 picks for plant people of all types. Keep reading to find one that will make her heart bloom.

Scroll down for 15 fun gifts for plant lovers.

seeutek plant stand
Photo: Seeutek

1. For the person who takes succulents in like stray cats: Seeutek plant stack rack, $37.95

So many succulents, nowhere to put them. It’s a conundrum many a plant lady has found herself facing. Instead of giving her one more plant baby to mother, give them a podium to stand upon, with this handy-yet-chic plant stack rack.

The Sill plant subscription
Photo: The Sill

2. For the person who loves surprises: The Sill plant subscription, $35

Getting a new plant every month will give your plant-loving friend something to continuously look forward to. Choose between a subscription of plants for beginners, pet-friendly plants, or low-light plants. They can be shipped anywhere in the continental US.

plant lady mug
Photo: LookHUMAN

3. For the plant-lover who’s also your work wife: LookHUMAN succulent mug, $11.99

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This cute little mug will match everything she already has going on in her cube and it’s functional. The pure joy of sipping tea while gazing over well-placed desk plants totally elevates the whole office vibe thing.

urban botanics book
Photo: Aurum Press

4. For the person who loves books almost as much as she loves plants: Urban Botanics by Emma Sibley, $9.51

There are a lot of books about plants out there, but none are quite as beautiful as this illustrated guide of how to care for indoor plants. Think about how it will look on your friend’s coffee tableโ€”you already know it will match her decor!

fresh eucalyptus
Photo: Amazon

5. For the person who wants to shower with her plants: Fresh eucalyptus, $38.99

Sure, your friend *says* she has plants everywhere, but what about literally in her shower? With fresh eucalyptus hanging next to her bath products, she’ll feel like she’s at a spa with one of those exotic outdoor showers. Heavenly.

tarot deck for plant ladies
Photo: Hedgewitch Botanicals

6. For the woo-woo plant person: Hedgewitch Botanical oracle cards, $23.09

Giving someone this gorgeous deck is like handing them a vibrant bouquet in card form. Each of the 40 cards is illustrated with a different plant and is designed to better connect to one’s natural instincts.

jumphigh tool kit

7. For the person who likes to garden: JUMPHIGH garden set tools, $28.99

If the intended gift recipient enjoys getting her hands dirty in her garden, this tricked out tool set has her name on it. With ten tools inside, it has everything she needs to keep her yard the envy of the neighborhood, from a weeding knife, shovels, and hedge shears.

can't touch this dish towel
Photo: Moonlight Makers

8. For the person who’s really punny: Moonlight Makers Can’t Touch This dish towel, $12

Get it? Get it?! This simple towel will add punchy flair to your funny friend’s kitchen, where she’s likely using herbs to enhance all sorts of yummy dishes.

leaf jewelry tray
Photo: Home Smile

9. For the person who accessorizes herself as beautifully as her home: Home Smile leaf trinket dish, $9.99

There’s no doubt your friend knows the beauty of a well-places leaf, and this glazed, ceramic one will look stunning as a bed for her delicate jewelry. It can also be used as a whimsical dish for hand soap in the bathroom.

plant print
Photo: Society6

10. For the person who needs something other than plants for her new place: Society6 art print, $26.99

Normally, your go-to housewarming gift might a, well, a plant, but you have a feeling your friend has that covered. The answer lies in this minimalist print. It will play off the potted beauties she likely has thoughtfully placed throughout the room without giving her something extra to water.

DIDK plant pajamas
Photo: DIDK

11. For the person who likes to chill at home with her plants: DIDK succulent pajamas, $15.99 – $18.99

Plants make excellent binge-watching companions because they don’t talk and won’t steal your snacks, but they aren’t exactly cuddly. Putting these PJs on is the next best thing.

plant tote
Photo: Sawdadwaw

12. For the person you love to hit up the farmers’ market with: SAWDADWAW cactus tote, $5.99

Every time you go to the farmers’ market with you friend, she loads up on produce and plants, and before she knows it, it’s too much for her to carry. This tote is cute *and* helpful. And hey, it’s good for the planet, too. Sustainability, FTW!

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succulent tote
Photo: InstaPrint

13. For the person who loves to travel: InterestPrint succulent duffle, $33.99

This succulent watercolored duffle allows your plant loving friend to take her botanical love on the road. Other flora fiends won’t resist sparking a convo leading to an, ahem, *budding* new friendship.

plant powered t-shirt
Photo: Plant Powered

14. For the person who eats, breathes, lives, plants: Powered By Plants T-shirt, $15.99

This pick is for the person you know who not only grows plants, but loves eating ’em, too. Plant life: issa vibe.

stained glass cactus
Photo: Yadda Yadda Designs

15. For the person who lights up your life: Yadda-Yadda Design Co. stained glass cactus, $9.99

For the friend who is just the sunshine in your life, why not give her something that makes the room sparkle just like she does? This stained glass cactus is so pretty that it will *almost* steal the show from her actual potted plants.

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