The case for using a bidet seat (and why you actually need one)

September 19, 2019 at 04:30AM by CWC

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about bidets (what, like you haven’t?) and if this luxe bathroom upgrade—which is a super common cleanliness essential in Europe—is something I should try.


You see, I’m a prime candidate for upping my level of well-being in the bathroom, because dealing with my various digestive issues means I spend a lot of time in there. But before I took the plunge, I sent a mass message to the Well+Good office with a simple question: “Bidet seats—what are your thoughts?”

“Honestly, I’ve never used one, but people who have made the conversion swear by them,” said digital designer Ems McCarthy. “I think they’re cool but never used one—definitely would elevate my space if I had one,” added account manager Caprice Serafine. Even Eva Rohan, our director of content and strategy, chimed in: “It sounds like a ‘once you try it, you can never go back’ situation, and any situation like that is one I want in on.”

Among these responses, it was obvious that pretty much all my wellness-loving co-workers are intrigued by bidets. So for the sake of journalism and hygiene, I took TOTO WASHLET out for a test spin (err, rinse?) to see what becoming a regular bidet-seat user would feel like.

Keep scrolling to see how using a bidet seat was a totally life-changing experience.

1. It’s easy to install (even for me, someone who somehow messes up everything)

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I’m so jaded by my own inability to make seemingly easy things go my way (I refuse to update my computer or phone IOS system), that anytime something new is introduced, I automatically assume something will go wrong.

But in an effort to face my fears, I took on the installation process for my WASHLET, ignoring my nervousness that it would all end with water spraying all over my bathroom. To my delight, it took all of 20 minutes to have my toilet outfitted with this new, elevated upgrade—no unwanted water, no certified plumber, just easy-to-understand instructions.

The bidet seat attaches to your existing toilet and comes with a remote control (that you can secure to your bathroom wall for storage) that allows you to pick a front wash, rear wash, dryer, and even how warm you want your toilet seat. It essentially transforms using the toilet into a spa experience, and all of the control is in your own hands.

Photo: TOTO

2. It left me so fresh and so clean

Based on my aforementioned gut-health issues, the biggest bonus was obviously feeling way more clean after using the bathroom. WASHLET features a strong-but-not-too-strong water pressure to adequately clean my rear, and has a lighter pressure for the front (which I had no idea was a thing).

Plus, the bidet seat has a warm air dryer that you can adjust the temperature on, so while I can opt for toilet paper before sliding my pants back on, I don’t necessarily have to. Am I converting to European living as we speak?

3. It cleans your toilet for you

On top of the thrill of using a bidet seat for the first time—something that’s basically become part of my daily wellness routine—it’s a total cleaning life-saver.

First, there’s a Premist option before you use your toilet, then the innovative device uses electrolyzed water, dubbed EWATER+, to rinse your toilet bowl—which means you can decrease the need for chemical-laden cleaning products. So not only does it make going to the bathroom feel like a fancy hotel experience, it comes with built-in hotel-like perks, too. In other words, my conversion is complete.


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