The failproof way to ensure your manicure never grows out before you’re ready

September 19, 2019 at 11:14PM by CWC

I’m the queen of chipped nails. Between all the cooking, typing, and tending to my urban jungle, it’s not uncommon for me to pay my manicurist a visit between appointments. But that was before I realized I could save time and money by reaching for a Sharpie instead.


Shailene Woodley admits doesn’t always have time for touch-ups between manicures (she’s just like us!), and she told Well+Good her secret to maintaining a mani fresh despite her inordinately busy celebrity schedule. When she knows she won’t have time for a manicure for a while, she paints her nails with black polish and keeps a black Sharpie on hand. Anytime Woodley has a chip or needs to fill in a spot where her nails have grown out, it’s an easy way to get a near-flawless touch-up without a mess—and it only takes a second.

This best part about this hack is that it works with nearly all of ’em. If you want to ensure your manicure never grows out before you’re ready—or fill in any chips that come up!—choose one of these polishes to match to a variety of Sharpie colors. Is it the perfect solution? No, but it’s damn close.

Nail polish to match a Sharpie

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