5 healthy breakfast recipes with just 5 ingredients (or less!) from Trader Joe’s

September 21, 2019 at 12:01PM by CWC

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only choose three items to bring with me, they would be Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies, and Trader Joe’s Absolute Black Dark Chocolate. The general themes here are fairly obvious: I would want all the sugar and all the TJs. When it comes to choosing a healthy breakfast, the last point still applies. Trader Joe’s helps me pull an a.m. meal together in minutes.


One of the many wonderful things about the frugal supermarket the ready-made, starter breakfast kits you can snag in the frozen food aisle—then dress up as you so please. Below, you’ll find five recipes that do just that (with less than five ingredients, I might add).

These 5 healthy Trader Joe’s breakfasts require less than 5 ingredients

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1. Homemade ACAI bowls

My major beef with premade acai bowls is that they’re way overpriced. I mean, who wants to spend $14 on something that essentially boils down to blended fruit and almond butter? No one? That’s what I thought. Part of the joy of making your own bowl with TJ’s unsweetened acai is that you get to choose exactly how much fruit and added sugar goes into your breakfast. That sounds like winning to me.

What to buy: Unsweetened Organic Açaí Puree Packets and your desired mix of nut butter and fruit toppings


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Parfait is (obviously) the French word for perfect, and I think that proves pretty accurate here. While Trader Joe’s signature recipe calls for mango yogurt, you could opt for a plain Greek for a lower-Glycemic option.

What to buy: Ginger Almond and Cashew Granola Cereal, Mango Greek Yogurt, raspberries, mango, peeled, Sesame Honey Cashews

3. Shakshuka

Made from scratch, shakshuka can be quite the challenge. In true Trader Joe’s fashion though, the shakshuka starter pack makes things easy, breezy, and tasty.

What to buy: Shakshuka starter, eggs, crumbled feta cheese, fresh mint, pita

4. Gluten-free NorweGIAn crispbread with avocado

If you’re looking to shake up your business-as-usual avocado toast, Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Crispers Norwegian Crispbread adds an extra crunch without the toaster. Layer on your avo or any other toppings and munch away.

What to buy: Gluten-Free Crispers Norwegian Crispbread, avocado, and your choice of eggs, tofu (for a vegan scramble), beets, and lemon

5. Veggie-bedecked quiche lorraine

For a protein-packed breakfast that also doesn’t skimp on vegetables, prep Trader Joe’s pre-made Quiche Lorraine, then pile it high with your veggies. My preference is oven-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms paired with sautéed spinach, but you do you.

What to buy: Quiche Lorraine and your choice of vegetables

Wondering how a dietitian shops the aisles of Trader Joe’s? Here’s how she spends $30:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xXMWc_GKiI]

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