This genius cooking hack makes basic oatmeal taste way, way better

September 28, 2019 at 12:00PM by CWC

Oatmeal is delicious—there’s no denying that. But even with all the different topping options, it can get a little boring when you eat it multiple days a week. That’s why it might be time to give your oats an upgrade by—wait for it—toasting them.


A Redditor recently shared a smart tip that instantly adds more depth to the flavor of your oats. Before cooking your oatmeal per usual, grab a skillet and toast the rolled oats over medium-high heat, making sure you stir them around so they don’t burn. Once they turn brown and make your home smell like fresh-out-of-oven cookies, you know they’re ready to go.

Aside from using toasted oats in a typical bowl of oatmeal, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy them, too. Other Redditors suggest adding them into your yogurt of choice instead of your go-to granola to create a parfait, using them in overnight oats, adding them into your smoothies and protein shakes, cooking them with cacao for a pudding-like treat, and using them in breakfast bars. You can even toast your oats in big batches so they’re all ready to go for delicious, healthy meals throughout the week.

Who knew giving your favorite dish an upgrade could be so… easy? Not to mention act as the best-smelling air freshener in the process.

There are even more ways to upgrade your oats. Try this turmeric pumpkin quinoa version that’s perfect for fall, or even add oats right into your bath for the soothing benefits.

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