4 reasons to switch to organic linens, because your bed deserves nice things, too

February 05, 2020 at 10:00AM by CWC


When you’re on the hunt for a new sweater, do you opt for the scratchy, will-rip-in-six-months option, or the soft, durable, goes-with-everything one? The latter, of course.

So, why in the world would you want to outfit your bed (the place you spend a third of your life) and bathroom with anything but high-quality, organic linens? Danielle Dorn, creative director for Under the Canopy, exclusively at Bed Bath and Beyond, totally agrees.

“We’re constantly wrapping ourselves in comfortable, cozy layers throughout the colder months, so putting thought into what those layers are made of is more important than ever,” Dorn says. “From throw blankets to quilted coverlets, Under the Canopy features breathable organic cotton that’s perfect for layering in the winter or on its own in the summer.” Did we just find the indoor solve to transitional weather?

From helping you snooze to supporting your sustainability efforts, get ready: You’re going to want to give your home a linen refresh after this (we won’t blame you).

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A sustainable move

Switching to organic bedding goes beyond wanting to feel snug while you’re tucked away to sleep. It comes in handy for your eco-friendly living initiatives, too. “Youโ€™d never know by looking at it, but mattresses can be made with harmful toxins like formaldehyde,” Dorn says. “Thatโ€™s why investing responsibly in a safer and cleaner alternative is so important.”

Under the Canopy’s mattress is built from recycled steel coils, organic latex layers, and cruelty-free wool, so that you can still drift off atop a soft and supportive bed, without compromising your sustainable efforts, according to Dorn.

Plus, when you do opt for some linens to spice up your space, you’re directly supporting Under the Canopy’s sustainable mission. “These include utilizing solar power technology, conserving water, and supporting our workers and their larger communities with education and healthcare,” Dorn adds. Talk about doing the work while you sleep.

Bump up the zzz’s

Nothing ruins a solid night of sleep like overheating midway through the night. (Cue an appearance from your designated stuck-out-of-the-comforter leg.) Organic cotton linens help you avoid those late night sweats thanks to their lightweight, breathable qualities. Plus, knowing that you’re not sleeping on anything damaging to the planet is better than counting sheep any night.

“You can sleep soundly with Under the Canopy products knowing that they’re free from toxic substances and thoughtfully crafted with the ideal amount of comfort, support, and softness your body needs at bedtime,” Dorn says. Sweet, non-toxic dreams.

Durability, for real

In order to avoid using harsh chemicals, Under the Canopy uses alts like finely ground quartz sand as a natural flame retardant for the mattress or lyocell in the towels to make them more absorbent and biodegradable. These safe alternatives last longer, tooโ€”making the switch to organic linens a long game investment that’ll see you through a move or two.

“We make sure to find the safest and most sustainable alternatives so that our products can stand the test of time, which is ultimately better for the planet,” Dorn says. Because if you’re still using your linens, they won’t end up in a landfill.

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Keeps getting cozier

Real talk: Is there anything better than diving into a bed made with freshly washed-and-dried sheets that are still warm? (Do we need to even answer this one?)

“Over time with use, washing, and the daily upkeep, sheets can start to feel worn down and nowhere as cozy as they started,” Dorn says. “However, Under the Canopyโ€™s organic cotton blooms over time and becomes softer after every wash.” Even more reason to make organic linens your permanent bedroom and bathroom essentials, huh?

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