This sex toy looks like an electric toothbrush and will make your head spin with pleasure

February 11, 2020 at 03:00PM by CWC


When I unwrapped my brand new Zumio sex toy ($140) in plain sight on a couch at work, all I could think of was Beanie Feldstein. Deep purple with a slim, rotating tip, I had never seen a sex toy like this before…one that more closely resembled an electric toothbrush than a vibrator. Cue: Feldstein’s line from Booksmart: “I once tried to masturbate with an electric toothbrush, but I got a horrible UTI.” Well, no need to be concerned about UTIs when using the Zumio. It may aesthetically resemble a dental tool, but its rotationally powered tip works in place of a different kind of oral care.

There are many things to love about the innovative Zumio sex toy, but a good place to start is that it’s notย a traditional vibrator. Its rotating tip provides an entirely different, swirly approach to stimulation, which feels simultaneously familiar and completely new territory in comparison to what other buzzy feel-good gadgets supply.

“Its circular movement, adjustable speeds, and pressure sensitivity allows Zumio to deliver an extremely unique sensation, exactly where you want it.” โ€”Joan Highet, Zumio’s chief retail officer

The rotation was originally developed to mimic the natural motion of a finger, yet the design offers much, much more. “The combination of the precision SpiroTip, its circular movement, adjustable speeds, and pressure sensitivity allows Zumio to deliver an extremely unique sensation, exactly where you want it,” says Joan Highet, Zumio’s chief retail officer. “The lack of vibration means no overstimulation or lingering โ€˜buzzingโ€™ sensation after use. And because the handle doesnโ€™t transfer any vibration either, no more tingling hands.” It’s currently available in two forms: the Zumio X for more intensity and the Zumio S for those who want a lighter touch.

Zumio sex toy
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How the Zumio sex toy feelsย in action

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Ultimately, the most delightful feature of the Zumio sex toy is in that SpiroTip. It’s slim enough to make a beeline to your clitoris, and explore other parts of your vulva with precision. It increases in rotation speed intensity if you apply pressure, and decreases if you pull away. And with eight speeds to choose from, you can really bring different dimensions to your sensations. In short, it is very direct; if it had a star sign, it would absolutely be an Aries.

A word of light caution, though: Finding that sweet spot with this toy can get pretty…pokey. Because it intensifies based on how much pressure you apply, someone with a sensitive vulva would be wise to start very, very slowly and remember that the Zumio will relax when pressure is pulled away. (If only people worked that way, right?) Ultimately, whether you prefer the more intense Zumio X or easy-does-it Zumio S, it’s an innovative must-try for anyone looking to experience a unique sensation that pinpoints pleasure regions.

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