This is exactly happens when you wash your hair too often

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There are those who can’t let a day go by without washing their hair, and those who get by with only washing once a week… or longer. If you’re one of those daily washers, you probably already know it’s not the best move for your hair. But what exactly happens when you scrub your hair every day?

According to Kristina Tabb, celebrity hair expert and co-owner of Tabb & Sparks Salon in Santa Monica, washing your hair day after day might seem like it’s helping, but it’s not. “Simply put, overwashing can result in extra oil in your hair. When you train your hair to be washed every day, your oil glands adjust to producing more oil to compensate for the loss of oils that the shampoo is stripping. Even if you’re more oily, you’re also drying out the hair strand,” she says. “The goal is to train your oil glands to not over-produce oil, and staying consistent with your shampoo regimen is the only way to do that.”

According to Tabb, the goal is washing your hair every three to four days. “That might sound unachievable or crazy, but itโ€™s important to go through a period of retraining your hair and oil production for overall hair and scalp health. It will be worth it,” she says. But if you’re not ready to give up your once-a-day hair washing schedule yet, there are some things you can do to help prevent damage to your strands.

The best products to use when you wash your hair daily

1. Aquis Prime Water Defense Prewash, $29

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This prewash is applied directly onto dry hair prior to showering to help protect your strands against the damage caused by washing, drying, and styling.


Hard waterโ€”along with the chemicals found in unfiltered shower water, like chlorine and chloramineโ€”isn’t easy on your hair, so washing daily will undoubtedly do some damage. This option has a 15-stage filter that gets rid of the bad stuff, making sure you’re only using soft and healthy water on your hair.


Ditch your shampoo and try conditioner-only, no-poo washing with this product. Because shampooing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils (and cause damage), this is a better approach for keeping your hair healthy.

4. Prose Custom Leave-In Conditioner, $25

To keep damage to a minimum, spraying in a leave-in conditioner post-shower is also a plus. This mist is personalized through a quiz, giving you the perfect mix of ingredients that are specifically formulated for your hair needs.

5. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil, $28

wash hair too often

If you’re washing your hair daily, you’re probably styling daily, too. Make sure you’re using something to prevent damage, like this oil that provides heat protection, protects your color, and contains compounds that help keep your hair healthy and breakage-free. You only need a couple drops to get the job done.

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You can make a tea tree scalp spray with just three ingredients:


Following this 30-second rule is the key to washing your hair way less often. Then find out the spot to check to determine whether or not you actually need to wash your hair.

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