I ate pancakes every day for a week and didn’t fall into a carb coma—here’s how

March 17, 2020 at 09:00AM by CWC


Growing up, Saturdays meant one thing: pancakes. The smell percolating throughout the house as soon as I emerged from my dream state was the only wake-up call I’ve ever actually looked forward to.

But, following the inevitable devouring of pancakes, I would be stuck to the couch until the post-feast haze dissipated—something my childhood self didn’t know was a sugar-slash-carb crash (or, in more scientific terms, the spike and fall of insulin thanks to my syrup-drenched short stack).

Now that I’m in charge of making my own breakfast in the morning, I typically choose options that don’t send me right back to bed or cause me digestive discomfort, which is usually brought on by glutenous grains. That generally means a couple of hard-boiled eggs or yogurt—not a warm stack of pancakes.

Made with no added sugar, dairy, or gluten, they’re everything my pancake-loving heart wants, minus the stomachache or productivity spiral.

However, my hankering for these sweet, buttery pieces of heaven never left, so when I heard about Purely Elizabeth’s new gluten-free and grain-free pancakes, I didn’t need any convincing to try them. Made with no added sugar, dairy, or gluten, they’re everything my pancake-loving heart wanted, minus the stomachache and productivity spiral.

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“The Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Protein Pancake Mix is made with alternative flours like almond and tigernut flour that are packed with nutritional benefits to keep you full longer throughout your day,” says Elizabeth Stein, CEO and founder of Purely Elizabeth. This is code for “pancakes no longer need to be a weekend-only food.”

With that information, I was ready to take on my (favorite to date!) self-imposed challenge: to eat Purely Elizabeth’s gluten-free pancakes every day for a week to see if I could have my ‘cake—and energy, too.

Keep scrolling for a look inside my week of eating healthy pancakes for breakfast.

Better than the real thing?

If we’re being honest, the better-for-you versions of your favorite foods are never really as good as the real thing. Well in this case, I almost forgot I was eating “healthy pancakes” midway through my morning feast—which is saying something for this picky breakfast eater.

The taste dupe is thanks to the carefully selected, nutritious ingredients in the mixes like organic chia seeds (rich in omega-3s, fiber, and protein), organic flax seeds (for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties), and tigernut and arrowroot flour (both gluten-free alts to the traditional version), according to Stein.

Plus, after adding a couple eggs, water, and some oil to bring my stack to life, all I did was add a drizzle of low-sugar syrup and a dollop of butter (I’m a simple gal), and my taste buds couldn’t tell the difference between these healthy pancakes and the Saturday morning essentials my mom used to whip up for me. Bonus: I didn’t even have a trace of a gluten-induced bloat to deal with when I got to work.

And though the classic stack will always be my first love, I got adventurous during my pancake-filled week with this almond butter jelly pancake popper recipe, dutch baby pancakes, and even stuffed breakfast tacos. So long boring breakfasts, it was nice knowing you.

No brain fog FTW

Other than feeling like a human sloth, heftier breakfasts usually leave my brain on do-not-disturb mode, which is why I stick to protein-forward brekkies to ward off any grogginess. And Purely Elizabeth pancakes checked that box, too. “If you are trying to consume more protein in your diet, the Grain-Free Protein Pancake Mix is packed with 13 grams of protein, with an added health benefit of collagen,” Stein says.

A clear head, a boost of protein, and a touch of collagen? Just what my productivity ordered. By the time I dug into my workload for the day, I felt full, focused, and ready to burn through my tasks. It’s official: I’m a weekday pancake eater now, and my old Saturday morning wake-up call is definitely back to stay.

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