These Natural-Looking False Lashes Are the Perfect Way to Hide Patchy Extensions

April 22, 2020 at 06:30AM

As someone who has dead-straight, relatively stumpy eyelashes, I have tried just about every single lash treatment and product under the sun. And as much as I love the look of long, fluttery lashes, I also really appreciate the beauty of more natural-looking lashes. It is because of my love for natural-looking lashes that I often find myself in an eyelash rut.


The minute I start to embrace my natural lashes with little more than a coating of mascara, I swear that I will never again opt for costly extensions or lifts. However, as soon as I do have a perm or extensions, I’m so struck by how put-together and wide-eyed I look with minimal effort and I insist that my natural lashes needn’t be seen by another soul for the rest of my life. However, the fact that lash treatments are just so good does have its downfalls. The issues arise mainly when the treatments start to wear.

In usual circumstances, the minute that lash extensions start to fall out and become patchy, it makes sense to book straight back in for either a removal or infills. However, right now, with salons far and wide closed, lash aficionados across the country are at a bit of a loss about what to do with their patchy lashes. And trust me—I know exactly how you feel.

Luckily, as lash treatments have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, so too have the designs of false lashes. Whereas falsies of yesteryear were big, bold and dramatic, nowadays, easy-to-apply, natural-looking designs make false lashes a very real everyday option. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling for all of the natural-looking designs to make your lashes look like yours, just a little better.

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If you hate the way that false lashes always ended up poking you in the eye, these shorter strips purposely don’t touch the inner corner for a more natural and comfortable finish.

These particular lashes are so lightweight you’ll forget you even have them on. 

I get it—these individual clusters look daunting, but I promise they’re so much easier to apply than a full strip. Simply dot a few towards the outer corners for a wispy, natural-looking finish.

For those that like their lashes to pack a little more of a voluminous punch, these are perfect.

When it comes to producing high-quality, affordable lashes, Eylure are the ones to beat. This particular set are designed for everyday wear and to simply add a little more volume to your existing lashes.

These pretty lashes give a finish that looks just almost too good to be real. 

Not only do these lashes come with the best glue in the business, but they are also loved by Kim Kardashian West and her go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. If you ask me, they’re just about the most subtly lengthening false lashes around.

These are the first product I tried that convinced me I don’t hate all false lashes. Again, they’re only 3/4 length so don’t sit uncomfortably. Plus, they looks so natural, people will be shocked to find out you’re wearing any at all.

No big deal, but Meghan Markle herself wore Velour Lashes on her wedding day, so if that’s not enough to convince you they’re brilliant, then I’m not sure what is. 

For days when you want to make a little more of a statement, these fully packed strips give a glamorous cat-eye finish.

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Suitable for seasoned lash wears and beginners alike, apply either along the entire lash line for an all-out finish or simply use them to fill in sparse areas for a fuller-looking lash line.

For high-impact results perfect for a fancier affair, these are the lashes you should be looking towards. 

When it comes to using these, you can ditch the glue. Simply apply the liner as you would your usual formula and press the lashes onto your lash line. As if by magic, they’ll stay in place all day long.

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Author Shannon Lawlor | Whowhatwear
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