25 Basics That Are So Good Nordstrom Can Barely Keep Them in Stock

April 23, 2020 at 05:04AM


Here’s a shocker to no one: I’m a frequent Nordstrom shopper. During my weekly—often daily—visits to the retailer’s site to shop for products I want to feature in my stories (or even treat myself to a little wardrobe update), I’ve become well-acquainted with their wardrobe basics. So well-acquainted, I might add, that I tend to notice when the stock starts to dwindle on certain items or when they sell out entirely. I decided to put all my knowledge of these best-selling Nordstrom basics to work in this roundup. To no surprise, they all happened to be the ones that come highly rated by Nordstrom shoppers, proving that they really are quite versatile and—above all—affordable.

Based on my findings, I thought it would be silly not to share these popular pieces with you. You might even recognize a few of the T-shirts, tanks, jeans, and shoes you see here since I also have the intel that many WWW readers have bought them, too. The order histories and amazing reviews don’t lie. These 25 basics are the real deal. But don’t just take my word for it—scroll through the below list to discover them all, and then click in to read the reviews and you might just find yourself so inclined to place an order, too. Happy scrolling (and shopping)!

Kate Spade Autumn/Winter Sale

Just the name “whisper” makes me believe that this easy tee is soft and light. 

Stripes make everything look a bit cooler.

A solid crewneck tee that comes in multiples colors and costs less than $20? I’m in.

If you wear high-waisted pants nonstop like I do, this cropped tee is a must.

Up to 30% off Homewear

The long sleeves on this one make it fresher.

299 people have bought this staple tank top from WWW since April began. Will you be the one to make it 300?


Reformation really hit the nail on the head with this one.

From the color to the racer neckline, there are a lot of good things happening here.

I can’t recommend this enough.

According to a 55-year-old former Nordstrom buyer, this is a closet staple that works for all women.

When an editor-favorite, best-selling pair of classic jeans are on sale, you just don’t pass them up. You just don’t.

These high-waisted leggings have a combined 6700 reviews if you include both size options, but here’s one more: I reach for this figure-sculpting pair for intense workouts and intense lounging alike.

Black jeans will always have a place in fashion girls’ closets, so there’s never a bad time to shop for them.

Speaking from personal experience, Levis’s ribcage fit is the best thing to happen to jeans since sliced bread. And I know I’m not alone here because I’ve watched as they sell out one after the other on Nordstrom. 

It’s no surprise that these joggers are selling really well right now.

The ruching on this makes it more interesting and reminds me of an EmRata outfit I’d like to recreate.

An easy, classic Reformation dress? Selling really well? I’m shocked.

I guess everyone wants in on the throwback sneaker look. 

I mean, I want these on my feet right now. So I can see why they’re popular.

Yep, Birkenstocks have become the latest “ugly” shoe to be adopted by the fashion crowd.

It’s been years since Adidas came out with their Stan Smiths, but the sneakers have barely wavered in popularity.

Woah, as I write this, Nordstrom tells me that there are currently 752 people viewing this bra. 

Don’t take it from me, take it from one of the 3,000 customers who have fallen in love with the comfort and support of this best-selling bra.

I’m praying that Kim Kardashian-West sends more of these ribbed boxers to Nordstrom’s warehouses because I need one of these in every color.

The name “fits everybody” is a bold claim, but apparently it holds up since these have earned near-perfect ratings.

Next up, read about the eight staples my mom, grandma, and I all shop for at Nordstrom.

Author Anna LaPlaca | Whowhatwear
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