14 Vegan Leather Pieces You’ll Wear All Year Long

April 27, 2020 at 06:06AM

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what defines a fashion item as “trending” in 2020. Usually, it’s a combination of factors, including runway presence, street style presence, and of course, popularity across the social media. Though, thankfully, search engines such as Lyst exist, which are able to provide concrete evidence about an item’s popularity through search queries and statistics.   


Interestingly enough, recently Lyst revealed that “vegan leather” has undergone a drastic increase in interest, as the platform revealed that searches for the term have increased 69% year on year. Lyst’s annual Conscious Fashion Report, further explained that the term now garners an average of 33,100 online searches monthly. And there’s no disputing those statistics. 

With figures like that, here at Who What Wear thought it was high-time we compiled an edit of the best vegan leather pieces available, spanning designer brands, such as Stella McCartney, contemporary labels, such as Nanuska, and high-street brands, including Free People. 

Of course, it’s important to note that while vegan leather is an ethical choice, many vegan leathers are created from PU which is a type of plastic. However, many brands are working to create vegan leather in a more sustinable way, and as Lyst notes, this is also important to consumers as searches for the term  “eco vegan leather” have also increased throughout the last year. 

Keep scrolling to see how a few fashionable favourites are styling vegan leather, as well as an edit of our favourite pieces. 

Kate Spade Autumn/Winter Sale

Style Notes: Rosie HW styles a Nanushka vegan leather dress with a few of her favourites pieces from Bottega Veneta. 

Style Notes: Camille Charriere styles vegan leather trousers. 

Style Notes: Who What Wear Editor, Emma Spedding wears a Nanushka vegan leather shirt under a check coat. 

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Author Zoe Anastasiou | Whowhatwear
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