Adele Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey [2020]

Adele Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey [2020]

May 01, 2020 at 05:09AM

Adele Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey: Adele is a British singer and songwriter. She is very well known for her fantastic hits after hits, which also includes Adele, one of the most super hit songs ‘Hello.’ While she was always at the top of her career, there was one thing that Adele still missed having, and that was a fabulous body physique.

Now, finally, after all these years, when she split with her husband. Adele started working out and made an incredible 100 pounds of weight loss journey. So today, in this article, we will talk about the Adele workout routine and also take a look at the Adele weight loss journey and diet plan.

Adele Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey
Adele Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Weight Loss Journey

Adele Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 8 Inch
Weight 56 Kg
Age 31 Years
Others Under review

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Adele weight loss journey

Adele weight loss journey started just after the split with her husband. She was depressed, and then suddenly, one day, Adele thought about getting a change in her life. According to the interviews, Adele stated that the weight loss journey that she took was for her 7-year-old son. So to get her started, she called one of the celebrity fitness trainers Camila Goodis.

Camila Goodis and Adele started the weight loss journey and then when Camila Goodis introduced her to the workout routine. Adele didn’t like it, and after a while, she was not working with Camila Goodis.

Adele then went to her current trainer Dalton Wong who is also the trainer of Jennifer Lawrence. After a while now, Adele got spotted around New Year in the Caribbean with Harry Styles and James Corden having a nice vacation, and she looked stunning.

Adele weight loss journey

Adele weight loss journey

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Adele Workout Routine

Now, coming to her workout routine, you can say that it’s not the best one you will see. Camila Goodis noted that the reason behind her body transformation is her diet. 90% of her weight loss journey has been because of her food.

There is no information about her workout routine, at starting when she was working out with Camila Goodis, Adele workout used to contain things like; Pilates and Core exercises as that’s what Camila Goodis is known for teaching her clients. Although now that she is with Dalton Wong, there has been no revealed with her workout routine at all. This is all about Adele workout routine.

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Adele Diet Plan

The diet plan of Adele contains no processed food, sugar, and dairy products. Adele’s former trainer Camila also said that when she started her workout, she went to a 1000 calories diet.

Adele Diet Plan
Adele Diet Plan

That diet plan after a week made Adele look like it was not her anymore. So the first week was intense. Adele used to drink a lot and not eat much. She used to eat mostly veggies or salad at the start.

So after that diet plan, there was no information about the diet plan, but Camila Goodis still said that even now, her diet is what is getting her lean. It’s all 90% diet for her, which may be good for her now and gets her shredded, but for a more extended period, it won’t be a great choice.

So If you also want to do a weight loss diet like Adele, you can drink lots of water, juice, eat some veggies, and salad for a week or two and see the results, although I won’t recommend it. This is all about Adele diet plan.

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