My New Favorite High-Top Sneakers Are Vegan and Under $100, HBU?

May 22, 2020 at 07:24PM

The Kicks: Cariuma OCA High White Canvas Sneakers ($98)

Why I Love Them: Cariuma, born in Rio, Brazil, is focused on taking responsibility for everything from the design of its products to the working conditions and fair wages in its factories. Taking into account the wasteful processes of the fast fashion industry, Cariuma was founded on the idea that the sneaker game can and should be reinvented. The classic IBI sneaker is made from bamboo charcoal and RPET, and notably amassed a wait list of over 12,000 people.

What’s different about these sneakers? Aside from the background details – 100 percent of water is recycled and reused during the process of making the shoes and the company is devoted to its carbon-neutral shipping technique and packaging – the accessible price point stands out. From a style perspective, the kicks aren’t trendy, but instead timeless. They’re offered in every bright colorway you might want, plus all the neutrals, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more shades are introduced soon. I love the idea that I’m walking on 100-percent vegan insoles (made from mamona oil and cork), and, as someone who is focused on comfort, I can literally feel the added support of the memory foam beneath my feet.

I styled my kicks with cutoff sweat shorts (a new go-to of mine) and a breezy hawaiian shirt, but I’ve also worn these with a more feminine house dress and my joggers. They work for just about everything I’d need to do outside right now, and I know they have a long life and am confident they’ll be completing so many outfits soon. Keep reading for an all-angles view and consider investing in quality if you happen to be looking for new high-tops.

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