These 31 Looks Prove Every Day a Good Hair Day for Sienna Miller

August 04, 2020 at 06:06AM

When it comes to consistently good hair days, there’s one woman who seems to have been blessed by the beauty gods: Sienna Miller. Her iconic beachy blonde waves have been turning heads since her first breakout role in Layer Cake back in 2004. Sure, 16 years may have passed, but Sienna is still influencing our style to this day; be it our wardrobes or our beauty routines. 

Her hair, however, is the stuff of legend. In fact, when I last went to the hairdresser, brandishing tears of Sienna’s gorgeous locks on my phone for her to recreate, my stylist revealed that the majority of her blonde-haired clients will show her snaps of Sienna Miller as a reference. Which got me thinking—why isn’t there a place where I can access all of Sienna Miller’s hair looks in a single swipe? So I set about creating it. 

While Sienna has remained loyal to her beachy waves, that doesn’t mean she’s become complacent with her hair—far from it. Seeing her looks side-by-side, it’s evident that Sienna has experimented with different shades of blonde, as well as different face-framing cuts, over the years. Even on the red carpet, where many celebrities will opt for their default dos, Sienna showcases a multitude of hair looks, from elegant up-dos to glossy blowdries. But even without an A-list stylist, her hair still somehow manages to look perfect at every turn. 

With a back catalog as impressive as hers, it’s little wonder that Sienna Miller’s hair remains a firm talking point in beauty circles. Scroll below to see her best-ever hair looks—I challenge you not to show them to your hairdresser on your next appointment. 

Sienna Miller is the sole reason why I wear my hair in a centre-parting. 

Sienna keeps a chunky front section of her hair down to give what otherwise would have been a prim updo her trademark boho touch. 

This bright blonde hue is beyond beautiful. 

Sienna’s messy bun is the stuff our updo dreams are made of. Note the little section of hair she’s left loose in front of her ear. Perfection. 

Use a pair of straighteners to shape the ends of your hair outwards to achieve Sienna’s layered look. 

Though simple plaits are set to be a big autumn/winter 2020 hair trend, Sienna was sporting them long before. 

Sienna gives her glamorous look a modern twist with texturised waves in place of crafted curls. 

Complete with her signature centre-partying, Sienna’s low-bun look is one of the best I’ve seen. 

Next time you wear your hair up, leave the front sections of your hair loose and curled, just like Sienna. 

Sienna’s half-up, half-down look is the perfect accompaniment to her high-neck dress. 

I’d previously sworn-off side fringes. That was, until I saw Sienna’s sweeping style. 

Sienna channels a bygone starlet with this short waved crop, finished with a deep side-parting. Her crimson lips and beaded, flapper-style dress complete the look. 

Even with a beret on, Sienna ensures her hair looks on-point with the addition of loose waves. 

This knotted bun with textured top section gives Sienna’d red carpet ensemble a cool overhaul. 

Sweep your hair back into a low bun, then pull out small sections towards the front to create Sienna’s relaxed look. 


Sienna’s stylist creates volume at the roots of her hair using a barrel brush, showing off more of her face in the process. 

Sienna blends light golden tones with bleached lengths to create this striking shade. 

Sienna matches the relaxed feel of her oversized suit with textured waves in lieu of sculpted curls. 

Ask your hairdresser to blend blonde highlights in with your natural roots to create Sienna’s coveted grown-out tresses. 

Tucking your hair behind your ears is a small tweak that can make a huge difference to any look. Sienna clearly knows this, and has used it to her advantage. 

A beautiful buttery blonde hue and brushed-out curls—this is Sienna’s hair at its finest. 

Sienna uses the front sections of her hair to frame her face and give her updo a relaxed vibe. 

The darker undertones of this style add dimension and depth to the rose-tinted blonde hair overtop. 

Sienna softens the look of her high bun by ensuring her pulled-back her remains loose, creating a gorgeous texture. 

Even when she’s about to hop on a flight, Sienna’s hair looks the stylish part. Is it just me, or do you have a sudden urge to order salt spray, too?

The perfectly-balanced golden hue, centre-parting, and undone waves, coupled with red lipstick, make this beauty look one of Sienna’s most iconic. 

Even the humble ponytail is no match for Sienna’s chic-inducing touch. 

A slicked-back bun never fails to look sophisticated, but Sienna ensures it looks even more glossy with minimal make-up and elegant drop earrings. 

Recreate Sienna’s beachy waves by curling the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends, spritzing with texturing spray as you go. 

Longer in length than her usual style, Sienna’s cool blonde hair looks even sexier thanks to her darker roots. 

With a deep side-parting and expertly-crafted waves, Sienna looks every inch the Hollywood A-lister with this retro-inspired ‘do. 

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