How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

January 13, 2021 at 10:00AM

The holidays have passed, a new year is here and… we’re still sticking close to home! If you’re like me, you’ve binged every possible TV show, tackled a few DIYs and are ready for something new. Why not a good deep clean?! While that likely sounds less than exciting in the moment, it will feel so rewarding when it’s done! Throw on a new playlist and tackle one room: the kitchen. Our kitchen gets so much use (especially this past year) and honestly far too little deep cleaning. I decided to break this post up into different areas of the kitchen. You can go for it all at once or just do one little “project” a day. By the end of the week, you’ll have a spotless kitchen and will feel quite accomplished. Need a little extra push? Mama Maven is looking over you scolding you for your dirty oven and grimy kitchen sink. It’s enough to get me cleaning ASAP. The Best Natural Cleaning Products I am fully obsessed with Branch Basics. Now before you stop reading because everyone and their mom shares about Branch Basics, the hype is REAL! I have no clue what magic they have created […]

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