I Was a Diehard Dress Person Until I Saw These Summer-Ready Jumpsuits

May 17, 2021 at 06:08AM

I don’t like to pick favourites, but if I could only wear one item of clothing for the rest of my life, it would be a dress. Sure, I like jeans and skirts, but in my case anyway, they just don’t spark the same joy as a dress. Be they midis or minis, fitted or oversize, dresses make up a huge percentage of the clothes hanging in my wardrobe, and that’ll likely always be the case. Recently, however, I find my head is continually being turned by something other than a frock.

Jumpsuits are one of those trends I never thought I could pull off. I’m petite, but that’s not the thing holding me back. I think it’s a combination of having a long torso and legs on the shorter side. Although I’m at peace with my physique, I always just assumed this imbalance would make jumpsuit shopping difficult; finding a pair of trousers was tricky enough! Still, this summer, in particular, I couldn’t help but notice that were so many excellent jumpsuits cropping up. So I bit the bullet and ordered myself one—a beige denim number with a zip-front fastening. I bought it two weeks ago, and honestly, I’ve scarcely worn anything else since.

It’s got all the ease of a dress but with a completely different aesthetic, and I’ve come to realise there’s been a gaping jumpsuit-shaped hole in my life. Now, I’m hell-bent on rectifying it. Summer jumpsuits are in plentiful supply right now, so I’ve rounded up some of my favourites for you below—with everything from denim to linen, bold to muted, you’re sure to find one to suit you within my edit. Oh, and before you reach them, I’ve also included some prime examples of summer jumpsuit styling from Instagram. Enjoy!


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Author Maxine Eggenberger | Whowhatwear
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