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Looking after our environment

Looking after our environment

The world we live in is a lovely place and we want to keep it that way, that’s why we are working hard to minimise our environmental impact. We know we’re not quite there yet and we are always continuing to review our efforts. 

Sustainable furniture comes down to the materials used, how the items are manufactured and how they are transported and delivered. For example, flat packed sofas can help reduce your carbon footprint because we can fit and transport many more units in a truck than a fixed-frame equivalent, reducing the carbon footprint per unit. It’s also easier for us to replace any broken or damaged parts individually, rather than the whole sofa which can be wasteful.

When an item is sustainable it typically means the materials have been previously recycled and have been given a new life as furniture, or materials that are renewable and can be regrown easily. Here’s three ways we are making an impact today and working towards sustainability:


World Land Trust 

World Land Trust is an international conservation charity which aims to save and protect the world’s natural ecosystems. They focus on conserving biodiversity, protecting threatened habitats and endangered species. As well as raising awareness for conservation in the UK and around the world, World Land Trust also develops partnerships with local organisations who engage with local communities. 

World Land Trust action their mission through purchasing land to create protected reserves for wildlife, reforestation through tree planting and assisted natural regeneration, and funding the work of rangers who protect the land. We feel strongly about sustainability and finding ways to combat our environmental impact, so for every sofa we sell we will plant one tree through World Land Trust. You can read more about the charity here.


FSC certified materials

We only use FSC certified woods when manufacturing our sofas. FSC is a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council which ensures wood and other materials come from well-managed forests or recycled sources. FSC products vary from non-timber forest items such as cork and latex to more traditional wood items such as tables, houseware, desks, chairs etc. 

Alongside forests, FSC also helps look after the wildlife who call FSC forests home – with their work has been recognised by WWF. Sourcing materials responsibly is high on our agenda, so we ensure all of our materials are FSC certified.

The FSC has developed a list of rules which define good forest management, which include the protection of wildlife, continued long-term economic viability and recognition of the communities and indigenous people living off the forest. In the countries where the FSC is not yet established then the Soil Association Certification has adapted the standards.


Biodegradable plastic 

We want to ensure our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials – easier said than done. Most of our packaging is cardboard, the packaging has been designed to be self-locking so no glues or staples are used in its construction, better facilitating recycling. All protective infills are made from cardboard, rather than polystyrene, but in order to protect the cushions and fabric during transit we have had to use recycled plastic. This plastic is made with d2w technology. 

D2w technology accelerates the natural process of decomposing plastics. It speeds up oxidation until the item can no longer be classed as plastic, with the end result leaving no trace of toxic residue or microplastics. D2w can be recycled with conventional polymer, is made with recylate and classed as biodegradable. You can read more about it here.



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