Have You Seen What’s New at The Webster Right Now? Spoiler: It’s Everything You Want

September 16, 2021 at 12:15AM

The Webster is a boutique originally based in Miami, but now has a presence online, and is a destination for what’s new and next. We love all the unique designer pieces they score, and the ideals behind cool, coastal fashion with a slight edge is one we can definitely get behind. If you’re a fan too, you’ve got to see these five pieces. They’re on-trend, current, and all under $600.

Whether you’re looking for a belt you can wear everywhere, cool sunglasses, or a statement t-shirt, these pieces will dress up even the most understated wardrobe. Plus, there’s a hoop earring you have to see to believe. Keep on reading to shop our selects!

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Author India Yaffe | citywomen.co
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