Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothie

February 24, 2022 at 04:47PM

a banana smoothie in a glass


Banana Smoothie

Let me introduce you to the creamiest and most delicious banana smoothie. This healthy banana smoothie recipe is simple and packed with protein, fiber, and potassium. Blend it up this week for a healthy smoothie breakfast or snack! Banana Smoothie- Go BANANAS Over the past few years, we have started to create more complex smoothies


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While this banana smoothie extremely simple and made with only 5 ingredients, I’ve made so many variations of this smoothie and can safely say this is one of the tastiest drinks on Fit Foodie Finds!

There is something wonderful about the creaminess of frozen bananas. We use them quite often as a smoothie base and that’s exactly what we did for this delicious drink.

This banana smoothie recipe is truly a 5 minute meal. Add your ingredients to a high-speed blender and you’ve got a quick and easy breakfast ready to go.


Tip: add your favorite protein powder or collagen to really amp up the nutrition!

The key to the best banana smoothie

The key to a perfect banana smoothie is the frozen bananas. Forget the ice and slice up a bundle of bananas, freeze them, and use those frozen bananas as the base for your smoothie.

PS: ice is what can make your smoothie taste “icy” or watered down.

What is in a banana smoothie?

Measure out all of the ingredients for this banana smoothie before throwing all of the ingredients into the blender.

  1. Bananas- using a ripe banana is important is this recipe. Unripe bananas don’t have a ton of banana flavor.
  2. Greek Yogurt– we like to use plain Greek yogurt but you can go right ahead and use vanilla yogurt in your smoothie. It would be delicious and add a bit of sweetness.
  3. Almond Milk– we love the flavor of almond milk but you can use any milk you’d like. Some other dairy-free options are coconut milk, soy milk, or oat meal.
  4. Flax Meal– we wanted to add extra fiber to this smoothie so flax meal it is.
  5. Vanilla Extract– vanilla extract adds a bit of sweetness and flavor to this smoothie.
All the ingredients for a banana smoothie

Ingredient Swaps and Variations

  • honey or maple syrup– if you like your smoothies a bit sweeter, try adding a few teaspoons of honey.
  • ground cinnamon – a sprinkle of ground cinnamon would warm this smoothie up!
  • kale- a little green is always a good idea in a smoothie. We love our kale smoothie!
  • protein powder– if you are drinking this smoothie after a workout go ahead and add 1/4 cup of vanilla or chocolate protein powder to your smoothie.
  • chia seeds- sub the flax meal for some chia seeds.
  • mango- we love pairing banana with mango. And? frozen mango is so easy to find!
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Ingredients for a banana smoothie in a blender

Banana Smoothie FAQ

banana smoothie in a glass

Topping Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to figure out how to eat your smoothie with a spoon (insert smoothie bowl). Here are some topping ideas:

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Banana Smoothie Recipe

To make this easy banana smoothie all you have to do is blend frozen banana, Greek yogurt, flax seeds, almond milk, and vanilla.
Prep:5 minutes
Cook:0 minutes
Total:5 minutes
Fat 3
Carbs 34
Protein 11
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  • Add all ingredients into a high speed blender.
    a blender filled with bananas and whipped cream, creating a mouthwatering banana smoothie.
  • Blend on high until smooth. Option to add more milk to thin things out or more frozen banana for a thicker smoothie.

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Nutrition facts

Calories: 200kcal Carbohydrates: 34g Protein: 11g Fat: 3g Fiber: 4g Sugar: 21g

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