12 Ways I’m Styling My Birkenstocks at Home

12 Ways I’m Styling My Birkenstocks at Home

May 10, 2020 at 06:00AM

I have always been a practical person when it comes to shoes—well, practical for a fashion editor anyway. I tend to stick to styles that I don’t have to think about. I can’t stand those shoes that enjoy reminding you every five seconds of their existence by A) flying off your feet or B) rubbing your poor heels into oblivion. That is not to say I don’t think about aesthetics, and so you can imagine my delight when the comfy hiking sandal was declared an object of fashion veneration in 2019.

Fast-forward 12 months, and we are all in a very different situation (to say the least). However, my penchant for practical shoes remains and has become somewhat useful in my new work setting. The average day includes mooching around the house, working on my laptop and sitting on the sofa, but I didn’t want to be stuck in slippers 24/7. My solution? Birkenstocks. Yes, you’ve had a pair since you were 15, and they’re not exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but all the same, let me inform any fellow Birkenstock virgins that I have literally not taken them off for the last two months. 

After much deliberation and research, I opted for the Arizona EVA iteration, which is slightly cheaper than the classic Arizona and made of the brand’s signature EVA fabric, which looks like leather but feels like a softer form of flip-flop material (no need to wear them in, hurrah!). They cater perfectly to my WFH needs and truly go with every single outfit, from jumpsuits and jeans to midi dresses and slip skirts. Don’t believe me? Just scroll down to see photographic proof, and shop my fave Birkenstock styles.

Style Notes: I find that my Birks are the perfect accompaniment to simple separates. This shirt-and-knitted-trousers combo is the ideal smart-casual Zoom attire. 

Style Notes: With its utility undertones, this Kitri jumpsuit needed something clean-lined to complement it. 

Style Notes: I wear some form of knitted trousers 90% of the time right now, and this archive Joseph pair is a good balance of comfy yet polished, as is my Hayley Menzies cardi.  

Style Notes: Sunny days call for a pair of white jeans, Ninety Percent’s tie-dye top and chunky sandals.

Style Notes: I’m in love with this simple summer dress from independent fashion brand Usisi Sister. My Birkenstocks keep the look low-key and WFH-ready.

Style Notes: This Vince co-ord is so dreamy. I love to change into this outfit after work but before bedtime. 

Style Notes: The best thing about my sandals is that they also go with smarter styles. When I’m in need of a pick-me-up, I’ll throw on this smocked frock and ground them with my Arizonas.

Style Notes: I’ll definitely be trying out this look for weekend brunch when life goes back to usual. The wide-leg silhouette of these Topshop jeans makes for a fab pairing with the sandal’s chunky proportions.

Style Notes: These Lululemon trackies are another winner in my WFH capsule, and I’ll wear them with everything from white tees and shirts to jumpers and tank tops. 

Style Notes: Black Birkenstocks harmonise nicely with tonal separates and add a down-to-earth finish to my whimsical collared shirt. 

Style Notes: Okay, this is as fancy as I get for social distancing. I wear this slip skirt all the time in “normal” life, and luckily it works for my new context too. Just add a cosy knit and comfy sandals.

Style Notes: This pair of dungarees is pretty old now, but it’s still going strong. In the winter, I wear them with roll-necks and heeled boots, but for summer, they work equally well with sandals and T-shirts. 


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