11 At-Home Beauty Rituals That Immediately Lift Our Mood

11 At-Home Beauty Rituals That Immediately Lift Our Mood

May 16, 2020 at 06:00AM

No matter what is happening, it can be easy to forget how much we can (and totally should) do from the comfort of our own homes. In fact, almost any fancy beauty treatment, appointment or pastime can translate to a more relaxing and uplifting nature if we get a little creative with our home base setting.  Right now, our goal is to help lift spirits and to help you find happiness and joy in the little things —whether it’s treating yourself to a muscle-loosening bath bomb in the tub or finally experimenting with that collection of glitter and bold-hued eyeliners that have been collecting dust on top of your dressing table (even if no one will see the results except you.) . Below, we’re sharing 11 of our favourite mood-boosting beauty rituals (accessorised with the most-qualified products) we love to do at home. Not only will they make you look more glowy and bright-eyed, but they will also help lift your spirits. Keep scrolling—we’re challenging your beauty and self-care routine to keep on beating just as determinedly as it always has. 

We’re talking the full shebang: Start with dry brushing (work your way up starting with your feet and legs), followed by a bath or shower wherein you use a body scrub, and finish with your body moisturiser. You can even make your ritual extra decadent by layering a fast-absorbing oil (preferably one that smells heavenly) with an ultra-rich body cream or lotion—either a formula that’s like-smelling or unscented.

By the end of your detox ritual, circulation and blood flow will be increased, dulling dead skin cells will be sloughed off, and a thick coat of gleaming hydration will be sealed into every limb. 

These days, there’s a mask for every single part of our body. There are the more common elixirs to mend our strands and enhance our complexions, but there are also genius masks for our hands, our neck, our eyes, our feet, our lips, our body, even our bikini area and bum. Spread your treatments out over the week or go full throttle in one day. 


I don’t know about you, but even if I’m at home all day, nothing feels as grounding as starting my routine with a spritz of my favourite fragrance. Not only will you smell lovely, but you’ll feel fresh and ready to take the day on—even if it’s from your sofa or at-home workspace. Some of my favourite new spring debuts are below.

I’ll be honest. Even as a beauty editor, I rarely stray from my go-to makeup aesthetic. A) I don’t want to run the risk of having an epic colour or liner fail prior to an important meeting or event. B) It simply requires a bit more time and trial and error. If you’re at home, no one will see the results except for you and your fellow inhabitants, and without a commute, you’ll also have some extra time to experiment. Below, some of the new and exciting products I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. 

Similar to how I never change up my makeup routine, so goes my hair MO. But when you’re not seeing as many faces throughout the day or when you have more time to switch things up, it’s the perfect time to try a new look, test out a tool that feels intimidating, or tackle a skill (like a blow dry) you just haven’t had the patience to master quite yet. 

Now is a good time to treat yourself to a full, start-to-finish facial. Of course, you can use the products you already love and have on hand, or you can opt to try some new travel-size formulas of the most-wanted highly rated products. Who knows, you might find a few new favorites.

For a limited time only, when Rewards members spend £195 on beauty online at Harvey Nichols (across three or more products), you can receive this rather impressive bag of beauty goodies worth £600. Perfect for those that might want to try something new. 

Sure, salon manicures are nice, but we actually prefer doing the treatment at home. There’s something so soothing about the act of painting your nails, and what’s better than giving your hands and feet some much-needed TLC while watching your favourite TV show or movie and sipping on something cosy?

Giving yourself a sun-kissed glow courtesy of some skin-loving products can feel like a treat, and a little bit of extra radiance might put a spring in your step. Plus, there are so many cool new products and formulas to experiment with these days. 

There’s nothing like a warm, relaxing bubble bath that can melt away stress and help you retreat into a separate sanctuary of your home. I recommend going all the way—light a candle, start your diffuser and throw in muscle- and skin-soothing extras like bubbles, salts or even a CBD-spiked bath bomb. Please—the bougier the better!

Fun fact: We hold a heck of a lot of tension in our face, and it’s also where we can retain extra fluid, puff, shadows and other telltale signs of anxiety or worry. If you’re at home, take some time to soothe your skin, roll out the kinks, boost lymphatic drainage and calm your soul. You might feel better, and your complexion will look significantly more radiant. Below are the most-wanted devices beauty editors and celebrities continually gush over for smooth, clear and sculpted results.

This is not a drill: Chic restorative and cosmetic dentistry practices are now featuring treatment options touted as smile facials, which basically give your mouth, teeth, and lips the TLC you probably don’t give them during your regular day-to-day. Sure, it might sound a tad over the top, but we also think it’s kind of brilliant. 

Up next, how to carry out the ultimate daily skincare routine.

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