Over 60 Years Later, These Are Still the Shoes Every Fashion Editor Wants

February 09, 2021 at 11:30AM

Despite the fact that the iconic two-tone Chanel pumps were designed over 60 years ago, they’re still one of the most coveted pairs of shoes. Every season, a new iteration comes out and immediately they sell out. But what, we hear you cry, makes them so perennially popular? Designed in 1957 by Coco Chanel, the two-tone shoes, which initially were a slingback, were meant to mimic men’s shoes at the time. It was also considered to be a universally flattering style. Thanks to the contrasting-coloured toe, the shoes both made the foot look smaller and the leg longer. Clever, eh?

Women in 1957 wearing the two-tone Chanel pumps

Of course, the shoes took off, and ever since then, we’ve seen the familiar Chanel pump every fashion week and in numerous street style shots. Incredibly, the shoes have hardly differed from its original design, with the toe always in a contrasting hue. While there might now be a range of different colourways, not to mention numerous copies on the high street, the shoes are still one of the most popular and the most photographed heels in the world.

Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of vintage Chanel pump pictures, street style snaps, and where to get your hands on the iconic design today.

Style Notes: Actress Claudine Auger at Chanel’s HQ in Paris in 1960 wearing the two-tone pumps.

Style Notes: Jump ahead 15 years to 1975, and you can see that the design has barely changed. A model wears a coat, dress and the signature pumps from the Chanel S/S 75 collection.

Style Notes: Skip to the early ’90s, and once again the Chanel pumps take centre stage on Linda Evangelista walking for the house in 1992.

Style Notes: If you know anything about Eva Chen, then you know she’s a big fan of the two-tone pumps. 

Style Notes: Proof that the classic slingbacks are still in fashion. The modern way to wear them is with cropped jeans, of course.

Style Notes: Want to ensure your Chanel pumps stand out? Just opt for a classic pair of blue jeans and a simple (but directional) jumper. 

Style Notes: The two-tone pumps also come in a ballerina style shoe too. 

Style Notes: No surprise that Gilda Ambrosio of Attico owns a pair of these shoes.

Style Notes: The slingback pumps still look just as good in a white-and-black colour combo.

Style Notes: Whatever your style, you can guarantee that Chanel pumps will suit your look and add a final touch of polish. 

Style Notes: To embrace the total Chanel look, pair with a tweed skirt suit. 

Style Notes: Our favourite way to style Chanel pumps is with a white T-shirt and jeans.


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