Lavender Simple Syrup [And How to Use It!]

Lavender Simple Syrup [And How to Use It!]

April 13, 2021 at 10:00AM

Looking to spruce up your cocktails or coffee? Look no further than this lavender simple syrup made right at home and packed full of flavor for a delicious addition to any beverage. It comes together quickly and lasts so you don’t need to buy store-bought lavender simple syrup anymore! I love lavender. Lavender is a pretty popular scent but my love for lavender goes beyond potpourri. I could eat or drink lavender every single day. I know that not everyone is into the taste of lavender but for me, it’s the ultimate flavor! C knows this and thankfully has indulged me a few too many times as I’ve dragged him to lavender farms and had bushels of lavender drying in our garage. I’ve collected culinary lavender from around the world but two of my favorite lavender farms are Los Poblanos in New Mexico and Wanaka Lavender Farm in New Zealand. Taking in the scent of the flowers, trying out all the flavors of different lavender recipes and buying way too much lavender honey is kind of my jam. You could say I was on cloud 9 when I discovered the house we were living at last year had a whole […]

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