If you’re shopping for CBD supplements, here’s what to look for

January 16, 2020 at 10:00AM by CWC


ICYMI: CBD is big—like, billion dollar industry, can’t-stop-talking-about-it big. Which means, unless you’ve been totally tuned out, you’re probably clued into the three letters that are taking over the wellness world.

But just knowing the basics on all things cannabidiol isn’t quite enough if you’re on the hunt for CBD supplements to add to your wellness routine for good. It’s time for you to start doing some investigative work to sniff out the details of what’s lingering within each milligram, to figure out which products to add to cart and which ones to pass on.

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To help you shop like a total hemp know-it-all, Melanie Goldsmith, CEO of Pollen—maker of CBD gummies that are tasty and effective—is sharing her expert insight on what goes into creating CBD eats, so that you’re better prepared for the next time you’re face-to-face with the supplement aisle.

“Our mission is to help you feel your own kind of good—whether ‘feeling good’ means sleeping better, having a bit more energy to make it to the gym before work, stressing less, or smiling more,” Goldsmith says. Tune into what she has to say about CBD shopping (she knows what’s up)—so you can start feeling that good.

Keep reading for 3 things to look for when shopping for CBD supplements (or gummies).

CBD supplements

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1. Appetizing flavors

What fun is a gummy supplement if it doesn’t pack a flavor reminiscent of your childhood candy-monger days? That means you’re going to want to find a CBD supplement that actually tastes good, and doesn’t leave your mouth coated with that oily, bitter taste that accompanies hemp products that are injected with CBD after the fact, rather than being infused, Goldsmith explains.

To help counteract the often-unpleasant taste that comes with other CBD products, Pollen’s formulas infuse CBD into natural “bitter blockers” like spices, herbs, and acidic fruit flavors to create sweet-tooth-approved flavors such as grapefruit + honey, watermelon + orange, and banana + cinnamon.


Moral of the story: Do a little homework on how your gummies are flavored, and that way your midday pick-me-up can double as a miniature snack, too.

2. Snackable doses

You know how when you start taking a new vitamin, you fiddle with the dosage until you find an amount that suits you? Do the same when you’re CBD shopping. “[Consuming small doses at a time] allows you to monitor your own CBD intake to find your own personal serving size that works for you” Goldsmith says, which is why Pollen includes only 10 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp oil per gummy.

“CBD affects everyone differently, and therefore it’s important to diligently monitor your intake so you know what works for you to handle the ups and downs of your day.” Pro tip: Always start with less, then build up from there.

3. Consistent efficacy

You wouldn’t take any other supplement just for the fun of it, right? So when you’re testing out a CBD gummy, you want to make sure you find one that actually works—which requires you to check the type of CBD used.

Pollen opts for water-soluble CBD, because it’s more easily infused into the gummies as they’re being made. “CBD is typically found in oil-form, which doesn’t naturally mix with the gummy solution and can unevenly distribute throughout the solution,” Goldsmith says. This can lead to inconsistent effects from the gummy, and can leave a (literal) bad taste in your mouth as the oil can take over the flavors. And that’s just a no-go.

You only need to look our for a few, simple-yet-vital elements in your CBD supplements to ensure you’re intaking the best of the bunch—which kind of makes you a CBD know-it-all now.

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